Trigantius Tournament: Results 1986

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 8 Mar 1986

Full results not available.

60 players.

Winner: J-Y. Lee (5d Nottingham/Korea) - beat Jim Barty (4d), John Rickard (3d) and Terry Stacey (5d)

Winning 3/3:
Des Cann (2 dan Coventry) - beat a 2 dan, Charles Matthews (3d) and Jim Barty
Alex Rix (1 dan London)
Barry Chandler (2 kyu Reading)
France Ellul (4 kyu Furze Platt)
Chris Wright (5 kyu Oxford)
Klaus Pulverer (8 kyu Oxford)
Mark Gibbs (12 kyu Nottingham)
R Taillefer (12 kyu Cambridge)
I Jones (15 kyu Cambridge)

Also present T Mark Hall (3d), Frank May (4d), J de Lu (3d), Alistair Thompson (2d), Paul Fage (2d), Francis Roads (2d), Harold Lee (2d), John Hobson (1d).

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