British Pair Go 1998: Results

Tournament Name
British Pair Go
Tournament Date
Sun, 17 May 1998

The British Pair Go Tournament was held in the village of Weedon, Northamptonshire, on Sunday May 17th. It was divided into two sections. The strongest eight pairs played in a tournament for which British World Amateur Pair Go Qualification Points were allocated; the other seven pairs played in a handicap tournament.

Main Tournament Results

No.Playersround 1round 2round 3Total
1Kirsty Healey
Matthew Macfadyen
2Sue Paterson
Des Cann
3Alison Jones
Tony Atkins
4Jackie Chai
Francis Roads
5Helen Harvey
Martin Harvey
6Elinor Brooks
France Ellul
7Yvonne Margetts
Paul Margetts
8Alison Ewers
Dave Woodnutt

The result leaves a three-way tie, with pairs 2, 3, and 4 each having 16 Pair Go WAQ points.This has been resolved in favour of pair 2.

Handicap Tournament Results

No.Playersround 1round 2round 3Total
1Pauline Bailey
Steve Bailey
  (5 stones) 3+
(5 stones) 5+
(8 stones) 2+3/3
2Natasha Boddy
Paul Smith
(9 stones+24 komi) 7+(5 stones) 4+ *(8 stones) 1-2/3
3Andrea Smith
Ben Morris
(9 stones+12 komi) 6+(5 stones) 1-(6 komi) 5+2/3
4Emma-Jane Fairbrother
Paul Hyman
(8 stones) 5-(5 stones) 2-(6 stones) 7+
(2 stones) 6+
5Laura Coe
Graham Brooks
(8 stones) 4+(5 stones) 1-(6 komi) 3-1/3
6Samantha Hughes
Shawn Hearn
(9 stones+12 komi) 3-(4 stones) 7+(2 stones) 4-1/3
7Hayley Williams
Alistair Brooks
(9 stones+24 komi) 2-(4 stones) 6-(6 stones) 4-0/3

Pauline and Steve Bailey did not play in the first round because they arrived late.

In the second and third rounds, three games were allocated by the draw. The first pair to win a game then played another game, against the pair who had not yet played in that round.

*: This was only game won by a side receiving a handicap.

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