Mind Sports Olympiad 2000: Youth Results

Tournament Name
MSO Youth
Tournament Date
Sun, 20 Aug 2000
Liao, Xingwen3 dan2/23/411st£100
Jimmy Mao1 kyu1/22/322nd£75
Tom Blockley3 kyu0/21/433rd£50
Adam Eckersley-Waites10 kyu2/24/54under 14£15
Tony Niccoli10 kyu2/20/?5 
William Brooks8 kyu1/2all/?6under 12£15
Shawn Hearn10 kyu1/22/57 
Tom Eckersley-Waites11 kyu1/21/38 
Frank Prager8 kyu0/2all/?9 
Graham Brooks12 kyu0/23/510 
Paul Blockley25 kyu2/22/311under 11£15
Oscar John30 kyu1/21/512 
Alistair Brooks21 kyu0/22/513 
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