Challenger's League 2001: Results

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Fri, 4 - Mon, 7 May 2001

Held at the Friends' Meeting House, Walthamstow, London.


Matthew Cocke5 dan2500Norwich
Young Kim5 dan2428London
Des Cann4 dan2442Leamington
T Mark Hall4 dan2436London
Quentin Mills3 dan2343London
David Ward3 dan2323Cambridge
Charles Matthews3 dan2296Cambridge
Tim Hunt2 dan2190Milton Keynes


Black is listed first. Winners are shown in bold type.

Friday morning
Matthews v Hunt; Mills v Cann; Cocke v Ward; Hall v Kim.

Friday afternoon
Cann v Matthews; Ward v Mills; Kim v Cocke; Hunt v Hall.

Saturday morning
Matthews v Ward; Mills v Kim; Cocke v Hunt; Hall v Cann.

Saturday afternoon
Kim v Matthews; Hunt v Mills; Cann v Cocke; Ward v Hall.

Sunday morning
Matthews v Mills; Hall v Cocke; Hunt v Cann; Kim v Ward.

Sunday afternoon
Cocke v Matthews; Mills v Hall; Ward v Hunt; Cann v Kim.

Monday morning
Matthews v Hall forfeited by Hall who could not attend; Cocke v Mills; Hunt v Kim; Cann v Ward.


Young Kim 110111161st
Des Cann0 11101152nd
Matthew Cocke00 1111153rd
David Ward100 011144th
Charles Matthews0001 1(1)145th
Quentin Mills01000 0126th
T Mark Hall0000(0)1 017th
Tim Hunt0000001 18th

These are some of the game records from the League:

Round 1, Charles Matthews vs. Tim Hunt.

Round 2, Tim Hunt vs. David Ward.

Round 3, Charles Matthews vs. David Ward.

Round 3, Matthew Cocke vs. Tim Hunt.

Round 4, Tim Hunt vs. Quentin Mills.

Round 5, Tim Hunt vs. Des Cann.

Round 5, Young Kim vs. David Ward.

Round 6, David Ward vs. Tim Hunt.

Round 6, Des Cann vs. Young Kim.

Round 6, Matthew Cocke vs. Charles Matthews.

Round 7, Tim Hunt vs. Young Kim.

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