Challenger's League 2002: Results

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Fri, 3 - Mon, 6 May 2002

Played at the University Centre (Friday) and Parkside Community College (weekend), Cambridge

 MCoSJKYKDCDWARMChAWWinsPositionWAQ pointsAutomatic place in 2003 Challenger's
Matthew Cocke 110111161st8 or 9Yes
Seong-June Kim0 11101152nd7Yes
Young Kim00 1110143rd5 
Des Cann100 011143rd5Yes, on tie-break
David Ward0001 11143rd5 
Alex Rix01000 1136th3 
Mike Charles001000 127th2 
Alistair Wall0000000 08th1 

Round By Round Results

Some of the games have links to the corresponding game record as an SGF file. In these results the first mentioned player took black.

Round 1: Friday morning

Mike Charles lost to Seong-June Kim.

Matthew Cocke beat David Ward.

Alex Rix lost to Des Cann.

Alistair Wall lost to Young Kim.

Round 2: Friday afternoon

Des Cann beat Alistair Wall.

Young Kim lost to Mike Charles.

Seong-June Kim lost to Matthew Cocke.

David Ward beat Alex Rix.

Round 3: Saturday morning

Alex Rix lost to Matthew Cocke.

Alistair Wall lost to David Ward.

Mike Charles lost to Des Cann.

Young Kim lost to Seong-June Kim.

Round 4: Saturday afternoon

David Ward beat Mike Charles.

Seong-June Kim lost to Alex Rix.

Matthew Cocke beat Alistair Wall.

Des Cann lost to Young Kim.

Round 5: Sunday morning

Alistair Wall lost to Alex Rix.

Des Cann lost to Seong-June Kim.

Young Kim beat David Ward.

Mike Charles lost to Matthew Cocke.

Round 6: Sunday afternoon

Matthew Cocke beat Young Kim.

Alex Rix beat Mike Charles.

Seong-June Kim beat Alistair Wall.

David Ward beat Des Cann.

Round 7: Monday morning

David Ward lost to Seong-June Kim.

Des Cann beat Matthew Cocke.

Young Kim beat Alex Rix.

Mike Charles beat Alistair Wall.

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