Cornwall Lightning Handicap: Results 2002

Tournament Name
Cornish Handicap
Tournament Date
Sat, 14 Sep 2002

Held at the Yacht Inn, Penzance.

All games Handicap +2; List sorted by wins, losses, grade.
Players 3, 4, 5, and 7 also played simultaneous games against Annie Hall. These games are only listed in her column.

Posn No Name Rank Club 1 2 3 4 Wins
126Annie Hall30KBracknell3+4+7+5+4
25Ian Marsh1DBracknell10+27+11+12+4
311Tom Widdicombe2KDevon21+18+5-15+3
21Jake Finnis17KWest Cornwall11-19+3+7+3
57Bob Bagot2DLancaster15+22+12+21-3
4Mike Harvey2DWinchester16+12-27+10+3
78Simon Goss2DBracknell20+10-16+6-2
12Roger Daniel2KLondon3+4+7-5-2
10Paul Hunt3KWest Cornwall5-8+19+4-2
27Dominic Taylor4KWest Cornwall2+5-4-29+2
15Paul Massey5KMid Cornwall7-6+20+11-2
20Angela Lyle13KWest Cornwall8-2+15-3+2
22Jonathan Englefield18KHigh Wycombe16+7-6+18-2
142Toby Manning3DLeamington27-20-18+16-1
6John Culmer1KWest Cornwall19-15-22-8+1
16Tim Varley10KWest Cornwall22-3-8-2+1
18Tig Deal11KWest Cornwall4-11-2-22+1
19Iyan Harris12KMid Cornwall6+21-10-27-1
193Tony Atkins2DBracknell12-16+21-20-1
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