MSO Lightning 2003: Results

Tournament Name
MSO Rapid
Tournament Date
Sun, 24 Aug 2003

Part of the Mind Sports Olympiad held in Manchester.

This was an all-play-all tournament. Games were 12 minutes and no overtime. The top 5 played even games. Games between the top 5 and JE were 9 stones and 13 komi. Games between the top 5 and MI were 9 stones and 65 komi. JE vs MI was 3 stones.

Gold Piers Shepperson 5d -1111105
SilverMasashi Sugiyama 2d 0-111104
BronzeNatasha Regan 1d 00-11013
4 Matthew Selby 2k 000-1102
5 John Smith 3d 0000-000
6 Jonathan Englefield11k00101-13
7 Mihoko Isoda 15k110110-4
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