New Malden Tournament: Results 2003

Tournament Name
New Malden
Tournament Date
Sat, 11 - Sun, 12 Oct 2003

Saturday Results

The first round was organised into groups of 5 or 6, with each player playing all others in his or her group. Some players who both qualified for the 2nd round and elected to play in it, did so.

Dan Division
A1Young Kim5D3+2+4...-5+3
2Francis Roads4D2-1+3-4...+5
3SM Kim2D2...-2+5+4-1
4J Yeon4D2+5-1+2-3...
5Martin Smith2D1-4...-3+1-2
B6JK Shim5D4+7+9+10+8...
7JT Lee3D3-6...+8+9+10
8T Mark Hall4D2...+10-7-6+9
9Mike Charles2D1+10-6...-7-8
10Nick Wedd1D0-9-8-6...-7
C11Piers Shepperson5D4-12+16+1+15+13
12BL Kim4D4+11+15-13+14+16
13Alistair Wall4D3+15+1+12-16-11
14Alan Thornton2D2+16-13-11-12+15
15NS Kim3D1-13-12+16-11-14
16Tony Atkins3D1-1-11-15+13-12
D17Li Shen5D3+19...+21+20-18
18HS Kwak4D3+20+21-19...+17
19Tim Hunt3D3-17+20+18+21...
20HS Seo2D0-18-19...-17...
21Simon Goss2D0...-18-17-19...
Kyu Division
E1SY Park1K5+4+6+2+5+3
2Philippe Bourrez4K4+3+4-1+6+5
3Edwina Lee4K3-2+5+6+4-1
4YJ Cho3K1-1-2+5-3-6
5Joe Beaton6K1+6-3-4-1-2
6John Johnstone7K1-5-1-3-2+4
F7JR Kim1K4-8+12+10+11+9
8DS Kim4K3+7+10+11-9...
9Jackie Chai3K3-10+11+12+8-7
10Syd Noah4K3+9-8-7+12+11
11David Hall5K1+12-9-8-7-10
12Jonathan Englefield11K0-11-7-9-10...
G13S Lim2K5+17+16+15+14+18
14KT Lee4K4+16+15+18-13+17
15William Brooks4K3+18-14-13+17+16
16Mike Terry3K2-14-13+17+18-15
17Eddie Best5K1-13+18-16-15-14
18Si Chan17K0-15-17-14-16-13
H19Sue Paterson2K4+24-20+21+23+22
20JW Kim2K3-22+19-24+21+23
21Chris Tickner3K3+23+22-19-20+24
22Bill Streeten4K3+20-21+23+24-19
23Paul Kersey5K1-21+24-22-19-20
24Anna Griffiths7K1-19-23+20-22-21
I25BR Lee3K4+30-26+27+29+28
26David Silver1K4-27+25+29+28+30
27Roger Peck5K4+26+28-25+30+28
28Roger Daniel2K2+29-27+30-26-25
29Steve Bailey4K1-28+30-26-25-27
30Stephen Streater10K0-25-29-28-27-26

Sunday Results

The dan qualifiers and the kyu qualifiers from Saturday were placed into groups of four, in which all-played-all, then the top players from each group played the final. The second players in each group played-off for 3rd and 4th.

All players beat everyone in their group listed below them.

1st Dan Division

  1. JK Shim - 3 wins
  2. Piers Shepperson - 2 wins
  3. Young Kim - 1 win
  4. BL Kim - 0 wins

2nd Dan Division

  1. Li Shen - 3 wins
  2. HS Kwak - 2 wins
  3. JT Lee - 1 win
  4. Francis Roads - 0 wins

Final Dan Placings

  1. Li Shen - overall tournament winner
  2. JK Shim
  3. HS Kwak
  4. Piers Shepperson

1st Kyu Division

  1. S Lim - 3 wins
  2. JW Kim - 2 wins
  3. David Silver - 1 win
  4. William Brooks - 0 wins

2nd Kyu Division

  1. JR Kim - 3 wins
  2. BR Lee - 2 wins
  3. Sue Paterson - 1 win
  4. Philippe Bourrez - 0 wins

Final Kyu Placings

  1. S Lim - kyu winner
  2. JR Kim
  3. BR Lee
  4. JW Kim
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