British Small Board Championship: Results 2003

Tournament Name
British Small Board
Tournament Date
Sun, 16 Nov 2003

The small board was 13 x 13 and was played with 15 minutes each on the clock. Third was Tony Atkins (3 dan Bracknell), second was Toshio Oshima (4 kyu Cambridge) and winner was Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell).

1Tony Atkins+5+4+8-2-8-6+13-9-124
2Simon Goss+6-8+4+1-11+8-9-10+135
3Paul Margetts-4+5+6-8+15-10-16+12-114
4Matthew Woodcraft+3-1-2+16+10-11+15-7-144
5Ed Blockley-1-3-7+12+16-9-13+15+64
6Steve Bailey-2+7-3+14+13+1-11-16-54
7Will Brooks-8-6+5+9-14-13+12+4-154
8Toshio Oshima+7+2-1+3+1-2+10+11-96
9Jonathan Englefield-10+16-13-7+12+5+2+1+86
10Nicola Hurden+9+15+11+13-4+3-8+2+167
11Garry Sturley+16+14-10+15+2+4+6-8+37
12Shuntaro Oshima-14-13-16-5-9-15-7-3+11
13Sumire Oshima-15+12+9-10-6+7-1+14-24
14Paul Blockley+12-11-15-6+7-16+5-13+84
15Pauline Bailey+13-10+14-11-3+12-4-5+74
16Alistair Turnbull-11-9+12-4-5+4+3+6-104
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