Cornwall Lightning Handicap: Results 2004

Tournament Name
Cornish Handicap
Tournament Date
Sat, 4 Sep 2004

Held at the Yacht Inn, Penzance.

All games were played with Handicap plus two. List sorted by wins then grade.

2v12 and 2v11 were played simultaneously during round 2, and 4v12 and 4v11 were played simultaneously during round 3.

Posn No Name Rank Club 1 2 3 4 5 Wins
111Jonathan Englefield 9kBracknell 6+2+4+9+10+5
210Elinor Brooks 6kSwindon 4+5+6+7+11-4
37Paul Massey1kSt Agnes 13+3+1+10-...3
9Peter Fisher5kLeicester 1+4+5+11-...3
12Jake Finnis10kWest Cornwall 5-2+4+3+...3
13Annie Hall 29kBracknell 7-6+3+8+...3
71Alistair Wall 4dWanstead 9-8+7-5+...2
82Tony Atkins 3dBracknell 12-11-8+6-...1
5Ian Marsh1dBracknell 12+10-9-1-...1
6John Culmer1kWest Cornwall 11-13-10-2+...1
8Paul Hunt2kWest Cornwall 3+1-2-13-...1
123Toby Manning 3dLeicester 8-7-13-12-...0
4Simon Goss2dBracknell 10-9-12-11-...0
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