Triangle 2005: Results

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 23 Apr 2005

At Hitachi, Maidenhead

The draw was done using a pre-determined grid system. Unfortunately there were not 15 players but 14, so some games were played one-on-one. Otherwise all players played once singly and twice in a pair, each game being with different people. All games were played on handicap based on difference between single’s grade and mean of the pair’s grades (halves rounded stronger).

Round 1

Daniel Debksi (10 kyu) beat Chuweng Teng (30 kyu) and Edwina Lee (4 kyu), giving 13 stones

Jonathan Englefield (8 kyu) and France Ellul (4 kyu) beat Paul Blockley (13 kyu), giving 7 stones

Ed Blockley (2 kyu) beat Xinyi Lu (9 kyu) and David Hall (6 kyu), giving 5 stones

Tony Pitchford (7 kyu) beat Nick Wedd (2 kyu) and Neil Cleverly (8 kyu), taking 2 stones

Kaishu Hirahara (5 dan) beat Francis Roads (4 dan), even game

Round 2

Francis Roads (4 dan) beat Daniel Debksi (10 kyu) and France Ellul (4 kyu)), giving 10 stones

Paul Blockley (13 kyu) and David Hall (6 kyu) beat Chuweng Teng (30 kyu), giving 21 stones

Ed Blockley (2 kyu) and Neil Cleverly (8 kyu) beat Jonathan Englefield (8 kyu), giving 3 stones

Nick Wedd (2 kyu) beat Kaishu Hirahara (5 dan) and Edwina Lee (4 kyu), taking 2 stones

Xinyi Lu (9 kyu) beat Tony Pitchford (7 kyu), taking 2 stones

Round 3

Daniel Debksi (10 kyu) and Jonathan Englefield (8 kyu) beat David Hall (6 kyu), taking 3 stones

France Ellul (4 kyu) beat Chuweng Teng (30 kyu) and Kaishu Hirahara (5 dan), giving 9 stones

Edwina Lee (4 kyu) beat Francis Roads (4 dan) and Tony Pitchford (7 kyu), taking 2 stones

Paul Blockley (13 kyu) and Xinyi Lu (9 kyu) beat Neil Cleverly (8 kyu), taking 3 stones

Nick Wedd (2 kyu) beat Ed Blockley (2 kyu), even game


Nobody won 3 games so the lowest graded player winning two in a pair was judged the winner.

This was Paul Blockley (13 kyu Worcester) and second was Jonathan Englefield (8 kyu High Wycombe). Third, for winning his first two games, was Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester).

Runners-up who got go baseball caps were Xinyi Lu, Daniel Debski, France Ellul and Nick Wedd.

Getting the fighting spirit prize was Chuwen Teng, a young lady from Hitachi who learnt Go specially to take part.

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