Challengers' League: 2009

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Fri, 26 - Mon, 29 Jun 2009

Held at the Nippon Club, London

Round 8 represents the play-off for second place between those with equal wins ranked on qualifying order.

1Hui Wang5dNottinghamUK5-6+2+4+7+3+8+...6
2Matthew Macfadyen6dLeamingtonUK6+3+1-8+4-5+7+3+6
3Matthew Cocke5dEpsomUK7+2-8+5+6+1-4+2-5
4T Mark Hall4dBristolUK8+5+6+1-2+7+3-...5
5Matthew Crosby2dEdinburghUK1+4-7+3-8+2-6-...3
6Stuart Barthropp2dLondonUK2-1-4-7-3-8+5+...2
7Nick Krempel3dLondonUK3-8-5-6+1-4-2-...1
8Harry Fearnley2dOxfordUK4-7+3-2-5-6-1-...1
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