British Youth Go Championship Results: 2009

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 22 Mar 2009

The 2009 Youth Championships had 39 competitors aged from 6 to 18, with strengths from 1 dan to 35 kyu, at King Edward VI School, Aston. Tian Ren Chen from Loughborough was the new youth champion with 5 straight wins including beating London's Michael Webster (4 kyu). Prizes and places went to:

  • Overall winner: Tian Ren Chen (Loughborough) 2nd: Michael Webster (London)
  • U18: Michael Webster (London) 2nd: Matthew Hathrell (Coventry)
  • U16: Mazhar Warraich (Aston) 2nd: Jamie Taylor (Leeds)
  • U14: Tian Ren Chen (Loughborough) 2nd: Jack Drury (Aston)
  • U12: John Cremin (Aston) 2nd: Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
  • U10: Roella Smith (Milton) 2nd: Marie-Clare Grant-Adamson (St. Albans)
  • U8: Sophie Broad (Surrey) 2nd: Kelda Smith (Milton)
  • Handicap Winner: Langdon Truscott (Cambridge)
  • Castledine Trophy: Loughborough (beat Aston 2-1)
  • Team with most wins: Weapon 'X' (Cambridge)
  • 13x13 knockout: U18 Jamie Taylor (2nd Chun Ting Orr)
  • 13x13 knockout: U16 Tian Ren Chen (2nd John Perkins)
  • 13x13 knockout: U12 Peran Truscott (2nd Sophie Broad)
  • Puzzle competition: Wenxuan Ouyang (China)
  • Liar Dice: Matthew Hathrell
11Tian Ren Chen3kLoughboroughUK32+23+12+9+3+5
22Langdon Truscott24kCambridgeUK11+15+33+34+16+5
33Michael Webster4kLondonUK23+26+9+24+1-4
44Stewart Smith8kAstonUK6+12-21+27+35+4
55Jamie Taylor7kLeedsUK9-13+32+23+26+4
66Hamzah Reta9kAstonUK4-10+39+32+21+4
77Peran Truscott18kCambridgeUK34+36-25+35+10+4
99Mazhar Warraich2kAstonUK5+32+3-1-19+3
1010Ismail Mustafa10kAstonUK20+6-35+13+7-3
1111Joe Dugdale29kHigh WycombeUK2-14-15+18+34+3
1212Jack Drury7kAstonUK39+4+1-19-27+3
1313Owen Walker16kCambridgeUK18+5-20+10-36+3
1414Oliver Gerlach27kCambridgeUK15-11+31f25-17+3
1515Jack Grant-Adamson30kSt AlbansUK14+2-11-30+40+3
1616Sophie Broad25kSurreyUK30+25+24-33+2-3
1717Chun Ting Orr25kAstonUK28+31+27-29+14-3
1818Carn Truscott30kCambridgeUK13-34+29+11-28+3
1919Bosco Leung7kLoughboroughUK26-27+38+12+9-3
2020Daniel Karandikar11kAstonUK10-33+13-36+24+3
2121Danielle Ward11kCambridgeUK33+39+4-38+6-3
2222Marie-Clare Grant-Adamson30kSt AlbansUK25-37+28-40+30+3
2323Matthew Hathrell4kLeamingtonUK3-1-26+5-38+2
2424John Cremin14kAstonUK8-35+16+3-20-2
2525Roella Smith22kMiltonUK22+16-7-14+33-2
2626Tom Zhai4kStoweUK19+3-23-39+5-2
2727Yu Ching Chong11kLoughboroughUK38+19-17+4-12-2
2828Samuel Peh30kLoughboroughUK17-29-22+37+18-2
2929Ka King Mau30kLoughboroughUK31-28+18-17-37+2
3030Kelda Smith35kMiltonUK16-40+37+15-22-2
3131Ching Pang Yuen27kNottinghamUK29+17-14d......1
3232Wen Xuan Ouyang1dLondonCN1-9-5-6-39+1
3333Ibraheem Hussain20kAstonUK21-20-2-16-25+1
3434Van Xuan Nguyen23kAstonUK7-18-36+2-11-1
3535Thomas Meehan15kSolihullUK36+24-10-7-4-1
3636Sai Pandian18kAstonUK35-7+34-20-13-1
3737David Taylor30kLeedsUK40+22-30-28-29-1
3838Costas Televantos9kAstonUK27-8-19-21-23-0
3939John Perkins8kAstonUK12-21-6-26-32-0
4040Barney Shiu35kBristolUK37-30-8-22-15-0

The Adult Ghosts were Alex Eve, Simon Shiu and David Ward who played handicap teaching games.

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