Cornwall Tournament: Results 2011

Tournament Name
Cornish Open
Tournament Date
Sun, 11 Sep 2011

Held at the Queen's Hotel, Penzance.

The bar was at 3k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.
Jil Segerman played and extra game after round 1. In round 2 John Culmer and in round 3 Paul Massey played simultaneous games.

11Ian Marsh1kBracknellUK6+2+3+30-4
22Tony Atkins2dReadingUK4+1-6+2-1-3
3Simon Goss1dBracknellUK9+5+1-2-1-3
44Paul Massey1kWest CornwallUK2-9+7+2-1-5
5Peter Collins3kBristolUK7+3-8+2-1-5
66Sam Foster1kWest CornwallUK1-10+2-1-2-3
77Sue Paterson3kBrightonUK5-11+4-1-2-5
88Paul Massey1kWest CornwallUK......5-0-2-7
99John Culmer1kWest CornwallUK3-4-13+1-2-8
10John Culmer1kWest CornwallUK...6-...0-2-8
1111Eric Hall5kSwindonUK12+7-15+2-3-15
1212Jil Segerman7kBrightonUK11-......0-6-17
13Jil Segerman7kBrightonUK14-16+9-1-6-17
1414Elinor Brooks8kSwindonUK13+15+17-2-6-26
1515Dick Norton8kManchesterUK16+14-11-1-7-18
1616James Green9kWest CornwallUK15-13-19-0-9-28
1717Thomas Streamer15kNorthamptonUK18+20-14+2-13-42
1818Dan Tilbey15kWest CornwallUK17-19-20+1-14-50
1919Laura Streamer17kNorthamptonUK20-18+16+2-15-45
2020Aditya Mandrekar24kWest CornwallUK19+17+18-2-22-42
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