MSO 13x13: Results 2011

Tournament Name
MSO 13x13
Tournament Date
Sat, 27 Aug 2011

Held on Saturday 27th August at University of London Union, Malet Street, London.

15Matthew Cocke 5dUK4+8+3+7+1+6+2+7
23Francis Roads 3dUK2+7+5-8+4+1+6+6
34Henry Manners 3kUK5-1+2+6+3-8+7-4
48Xinyi Lu 3kUK6+5-7+3-2+4-1+4
57Tony Atkins 2dUK1+3-8-5-6+2+4+4
61Anna Griffiths8kUK7-4-6+2+5-3-8-2
72Daniel Yamazoe7kUK3-6+4-1-8-7-5-1
86Riccardo Gueci20kIT8-2-1-4-7-5-3-0
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