UK Go Challange Finals: Results 2011

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sun, 26 Jun 2011

Held at King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham.

Age group categories determined by knockout system.
Team trophy decided by head to head match in R4.
Handicap games are in red using the Cambridge system for 13x13 games.

11Adan Mordcovich1kWansteadUK4+3+10+7-13+5+522
22Melchior Chui17kCambridge Chess-GoUK11-19+12+17+14+3+517
33Mazhar Warraich1kAstonUK8+1-6+10+4+2-425
44Hamzah Reta9kAstonUK1-15+14+8+3-6+423
55David Robson20kCambridge Chess-GoUK12-9+16+22+7+1-420
66Thomas Meehan18kSolihullUK9+18+3-20+10+4-419
7Kelda Smith20kMilton SchoolUK10-17+20+1+5-11+419
88Owen Walker12kCambridge Chess-GoUK3-11+22+4-19+12+417
9Adam Ratcliffe24kAstonUK6-5-18+23+15+13+417
1010Roella Smith11kCambridge Chess-GoUK7+14+1-3-6-17+322
1111John Cremin11kAstonUK2+8-13-15+21+7-321
12Arjun Rai20kAstonUK5+13-2-18+16+8-321
1313Peran Truscott13kCambridge Chess-GoUK17+12+11+14-1-9-320
1414Ismail Mustafa10kAstonUK22+10-4-13+2-18+318
1515Langdon Truscott19kCambridge Chess-GoUK20+4-19+11-9-21+317
1616Anthony Ghica25kNewmarketUK24-23+5-21+12-20+313
1717Ibraheem Mustafa15kAstonUK13-7-21+2-23+10-218
1818Linden Ralph22kCambridge Chess-GoUK19+6-9-12-22+14-217
1919Abdul Aziz24kAstonUK18-2-15-24+8-23+216
20Adam Zaman25kAstonUK15-22+7-6-24+16-216
2121Mark Slatter25kMilton SchoolUK23+24+17-16-11-15-213
2222Ibraheem Hussain17kAstonUK14-20-8-5-18-24+116
2323Philip Briginshaw30kCambridge Chess-GoUK21-16-24+9-17-19-114
2424Edmund Smith30kMilton SchoolUK16+21-23-19-20-22-111

In addition Thomas Meehan played and beat Peran Truscott to determine U14 champion.


U18 Boys - Adan Mordcovich (Wanstead)
U16 Boys - Hamzah Reta (Aston)
U14 Boys - Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
U12 Boys - Ibraheem Mustafa (Aston)
U10 Boys - Mark Slatter (Milton, Cambridge)
U8 Boys  - Edmund Smith (Milton Cambridge)
U12 Girls - Roella Smith (Milton, Cambridge) (& Top Girl)
U8 Girls  - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)

Runners Up:

U10 Boys  - Philip Briginshaw (Cambridge)
U8 Boys - Anthony Rares Ghica (Newmarket)

Overall place winners:

1st - Adan Mordcovich
2nd - Mazhar Warraich 
3rd - Hamzah Reta

On 5/6: Melchior Chui
On 4/6: Owen Walker, Adam Ratcliffe, David Robson

Challengers' Tournament - N/C
Champion School - Aston
Champion Primary School - Milton  
Challengers' School: N/C

Section winners won cash prizes.
All section winners also got a framed certificate showing their achievement.
Peran Truscott won the puzzle-solving prize. Ibraheem Hussain got the fighting spirit prize.

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