British Youth Go Championship Results: 2011

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 20 Mar 2011

The 2011 Youth Championships had 24 competitors aged from 7 to 18, with strengths from 2 dan to 30 kyu. The new library block at Bloxham School served as a great venue.

Mazhar Warraich from Aston won the youth championship with 4 straight wins including beating Tian-Ren Chen from Loughborough. Silas Yufu Shi, 2 dan, from Loughborough was the strongest player taking part but he has Chinese nationality; his only loss was against Mazhar in a rematch of the first round. Prizes and places went to:

  • Overall winner: Mazhar Warraich (Aston) 2nd: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough)
  • U18: Mazhar Warraich (Aston) 2nd: Jamie Taylor (Leeds)
  • U16: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough) 2nd: Matei Mandache (Loughborough)
  • U14: Aidan Putman (Swindon) 2nd: Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
  • U12: Roella Smith (Cambridge) 2nd: Ibraheem Mustafa (Aston)
  • U10: Not contested
  • U8: Anthony Ghica (Newmarket)
  • Open/Handicap Winner: Silas Yufu Shi (Loughborough)
  • Castledine Trophy: Loughborough (beat Aston 3-0)

Handicap games are in red.

11Silas Yufu Shi2dLoughboroughCN2+14+7+9+2-416
22Mazhar Warraich1kAstonUK1-7+20+14+1+414
33Thomas Meehan18kSolihullUK21+8+6+11-22+412
44Matei Mandache6kLoughboroughUK16+15+10+7-20+411
55Rony Ho Ming Cheng12kLoughboroughUK9-21+23+10+8+410
66Adam Ratcliffe24kAstonUK19+22+3-24+16+49
77Tian-Ren Chen1dLoughboroughUK17+2-1-4+14+316
88Arjun Rai17kAstonUK12+3-18+22+5-314
99Adan Mordcovich6kWansteadUK5+20+14-1-17+313
10Roella Smith11kCambridge Chess-GoUK23+16+4-5-11+313
11Aidan Putman12kSwindonUK13+17-21+3+10-313
1212Abdul Aziz24kAstonUK8-18+15-19+24+39
1313Owen Walker13kCambridge Chess-GoUK11-23+17+20-15+38
1414Jamie Taylor2kLeedsUK20+1-9+2-7-215
1515Colin Putman12kSwindonUK18+4-12+16-13-214
1616Ibraheem Mustafa16kAstonUK4-10-24+15+6-213
1717Ed Murray12kAstonUK7-11+13-23+9-212
1818Kiaran Ratcliffe20kAstonUK15-12-8-21+19+211
1919Anthony Ghica26kNewmarketUK6-24+22+12-18-210
2020Henry Clay4kHaywards HeathUK14-9-2-13+4-116
2121Andrew Lawrence16kAstonUK3-5-11-18-23+113
22Tomas Keelan27kAstonUK24+6-19-8-3-113
2323Sung Lee13kBloxham SchoolUK10-13-5-17-21-013
2424Hugh Banes30kBloxham SchoolUK22-19-16-6-12-012
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