UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2015

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sat, 18 Jul 2015

The finals were held at the Howard Hall in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire.

The overall place and age group categories were determined by a knockout system.

There was a team trophy match between the best senior school and the best primary school.
The match was won by Milton 2-1.

11Alex TerryU16Bungay10+13+2+11+3+6+20+728
22Melchior ChuiU18Cambridge13+3+1-18+7-10+6+520
33Charlotte BexfieldU14Letchworth18+2-10+6+1-7+8+519
44Jianzhou MeiU8Milton15-12+5-19+16+14+13+516
55David RosentalU10Cambridge7-11-4+14+20+15+16+515
66Edmund SmithU10Milton14+18+8+3-11+1-2-421
77Alexander HsiehU10St Pauls5+8-15+20+2+3-10-419
8Wenzhou MeiU10Milton17+7+6-15+13-18+3-419
99Zichen HeU12Cambridge11-14+19+16-12+17+18-416
1010Roella SmithU16Cambridge1-19+3-13+15+2-7+414
1111Anthony GhicaU12Bottisham9+5+18-1-6-13-15+314
1212Andreas GhicaU8Kettlefields16+4-14-17+9-20+19-313
1313Elom WillsonU16London2-1-20+10-8+11+4-310
1414Daniel ChenU10Letchworth6-9-12+5-18+4-17+39
1515Hilary BexfieldU12Letchworth4+17+7-8-10-5-11-213
1616Waylon GaoU8Milton12-20+17-9+4-19-5-210
1717Adrian KabashiU10Letchworth8-15-16+12-19+9-14-28
1818Malachi WillsonU14London3-6-11+2-14-8-9+26
1919Immy Blackburn-HorganU16Letchworth...10-9-4-17-16+12+23
2020An Adult  ...16-13-7-5-12-1-00


U18 Boys  - Melchior Chui (Cambridge)
U16 Boys  - Alex Terry (Bungay) (& Top Boy)
U14 Boys  - Malachi Willson (London)
U12 Boys  - Anthony Ghica (Newmarket)
U10 Boys  - Edmund Smith (Milton) 
U8  Boys  - Jianzhou Mei (Milton)
U16 Girls - Roella Smith (Cambridge) 
U14 Girls - Charlotte Bexfied (Letchworth) (& Top Girl)
U12 Girls - Hilary Bexfield (Letchworth)

Overall place winners:

1st - Alex Terry
2nd - Melchior Chui
3rd - Charlotte Bexfield

Challengers' Tournament - Zichen He (Cambridge)
Champion School - St Francis, Letchworth
Champion Primary School - Milton, Cambridge 
Challengers' School: N/C

The top three winners and the challenger got a large framed certificate showing their achievement.

All age group winners received a framed certificate and a Go book of their choice, some donated by David Hall.

Andreas Ghica was good at solving problems.

The event was supported by Cambridge Youth Go Project.

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