British Youth Go Championship Results: 2015

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 22 Nov 2015

The 2015 British Youth Go Championships (BYGC) featured 34 competitors, aged from 6 to 17 (including two foreign players currently resident in the UK), with strengths from 2 dan to 35 kyu.
King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham was again the venue. All games were played on full-sized (19 by 19) boards.

Section Winners (Runners Up)

Youth Champion: Oscar Selby (Alex Terry)
U18: Alex Benton (Kapriel Chiarini)
U16: Alex Terry (Hasan Nisar)
U14: Oscar Selby (Jack Nolan)
U12: Edmund Smith (Aidan Wong)
U10: Alexander Hsieh
U8: Jianzhou Mei (Andreas Ghica)

Handicap winner: Marieke Ahlborn

Best School (for the Castledine Trophy): Cheadle Hulme School (beat Milton 2-1 in round 4)
Best Junior School: Milton School, Cambridge

Other awards were presented to the best puzzle-solvers (Alina Wolowczyk & Charlotte Bexfield),
and those showing best Fighting Spirit (Daniel Atkinson & Andreas Ghica).

Results table sorted on number of wins

Handicap and no-komi games are in red.
The table shows details for each of the 5 rounds. Per round, it shows the line number of the opponent, followed by a minus if the opponent won, or a plus if the opponent lost.
For example, in Round 5, player 10 (Charlotte) beat player 26 (Alina) in a handicap game.

11Marieke Ahlborn2kGermanyU188+17+18+11+21+5
2Oscar Selby6kEpsomU149+20+14+8+27+5
3Alex Terry9kBungayU1619+27+10+12+18+5
4Jack Nolan19kCheadle HulmeU1434+7+28+14+20+5
55Zaki Betesh12kCheadle HulmeU1610-15+22+13+6+4
6Jason Brown21kCheadle HulmeU1623+32+19+29+5-4
7Zichen He26kCambridgeU1433+4-30+26+34+4
88Yueran Wang2dChina-BloxhamU141-18+27+2-22+3
9Alex Benton10kCheadle HulmeU182-21+17+18-12+3
10Charlotte Bexfield10kLetchworthU165+19+3-27-26+3
11Aidan Wong11kCambridgeU1218-25+13+1-17+3
12Alexander Hsieh16kCambridgeU1030+33+29+3-9-3
13Wenzhou Mei16kMilton SchoolU1225+30+11-5-15+3
14Anthony Ghica18kCambridgeU1429+28+2-4-32+3
15Lily Danson20kCheadle HulmeU1631+5-24+20+13-3
16Adam Powell24kCheadle HulmeU1624+26+31+19-25-3
1717Kapriel Chiarini2kLondonU1827+1-9-21+11-2
18Edmund Smith9kMilton SchoolU1211+8-1-9+3-2
19Dylan Zhu-Dong9kLeamingtonU163-10-6-16+30+2
20Daniel Gascoyne17kCheadle HulmeU1428+2-25+15-4-2
21Samuel Knapp17kBirminghamU1822+9-23+17-1-2
22Tom Bradbury18kCheadle HulmeU1621-23+5-33+8-2
23Matthew Benton22kCheadle HulmeU166-22-21-28+31+2
24Piotr Blyszczyk22kCheadle HulmeU1616-31+15-25-29+2
25Yusuf Hussain22kNo ClubU1213-11-20-24+16+2
26Alina Wolowczyk27kCheadle HulmeU1632+16-33+7-10-2
2727Hasan Nisar8kAstonU1617-3-8-10+2-1
28Kelda Smith17kCambridgeU1420-14-4-23-33+1
29Jianzhou Mei24kMilton SchoolU814-34+12-6-24-1
30Elliott Worthington28kCheadle HulmeU1212-13-7-34+19-1
31Yunus Sheikh30kAstonU1615-24-16-32+23-1
32William Poizer35kCheadle HulmeU1626-6-34+31-14-1
3333Daniel Atkinson27kCheadle HulmeU147-12-26-22-28-0
34Andreas Ghica35kCambridgeU84-29-32-30-7-0

Oscar Selby beat Alex Terry in a rapid play-off game.

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