Challengers' League Results 2018

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Sat, 26 - Tue, 29 May 2018

Players 4 to 6 placed by qualifying order ranking. Top two play the title match.

1Sam Aitken4dNo Club6+3+8+4+5+2+7+7
2Andrew Simons4dCambridge5-8+7+6+3+1-4+5
3Alex Rix2dWest London8+1-4+5+2-7+6-4
4Boris Mitrovic2dEdinburgh7+6-3-1-8+5+2-3
5Charles Hibbert3dCentral London2+7+6-3-1-4-8+3
6Sam Bithell1kCambridge1-4+5+2-7-8-3+3
7Alistair Wall1dWanstead4-5-2-8+6+3-1-2
8Tim Hunt2dMilton Keynes3-2-1-7-4-6+5-1
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