UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2018

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sat, 14 Jul 2018

The event was sponsored by DeepMind and was held at the University Centre in Cambridge.
Equipment used had been donated by the Shanghai Ing Foundation.

The overall place and age group categories were determined by a knockout system.

The team trophy was won 2-1; the primary school team winners were not contested.

Handicap games are in red

1Charlotte Bexfield7kLetchworthU1821+2+13+17+7+3-6+6
2Edmund Smith5kCambridgeU147+1-3+21+4+6+12+6
3Yu Wen6kGuildfordU88+9+2-4+17+1+5+6
4Alexander Hsieh9kCambridgeU1210+21+5+3-2-19+8+5
5Caleb Monk18kKings CollegeU1218+16+4-10+12+17+3-5
6Zoe Walters17kCambridgeU1020+15+25+24+21+2-1-5
7Wenzhou Mei13kCambridgeU142-14+21+13+1-10+9-4
8Yanyi Xiong17kCambridgeU83-24+16-9+23+18+4-4
9Pak Tong Feng5kNo ClubU8...3-12+8-20+16+7+4
10Adrian Kabashi24kLetchworthU124-18+11+5-16+7-22+4
11Julia Volovich25kCambridgeU1223+13-10-27+14+21-19+4
12Qi Wen15kGuildfordU826+27+9-16+5-15+2-4
13David Baldwin19kLetchworthU1614+11+1-7-18-22+17+4
14Luke Garner26kLetchworthU1613-7-23+22+11-27+24+4
15Emily Oliviere25kHarpendenU1024+6-20+25+19-12-23+4
16Monty Ives O'Brien24kHarpendenU1219+5-8+12-10-9-18+3
17Theodore Chui30kCambridgeU1027+22+28+1-3-5-13-3
18Velko Trifonov22kHarpendenU125-10-19+28+13+8-16-3
19James Thomsom32kLetchworthU1216-23+18-20+15+4-11-3
20Trixie Ives O'Brien28kHarpendenU106-26+15-19-9-28+27+3
21Hilary Bexfield17kLetchworthU141-4-7-2-6-11+26+2
22Digby Ives O'Brien30kHarpendenU1028+17-24-14-27+13-10-2
23Savannah Law28kHarpendenU1211-19-14-26+8-24+15-2
24Keira Haden35kHarpendenU1015-8-22+6-25+23-14-2
25Aoife Lenihan35kCambridgeU10......6-15-24-26-28+1
26Andrew Volovich35kCambridgeU812-20-27-23-28-25+21-1
27Auden Oliviere32kHarpendenU817-12-26+11-22-14-20-1
28Matthew Long35kLetchworthU1022-...17-18-26+20-25-1

Winners (Runners Up):

U16 Boys  - David Baldwin (Luke Garner)
U14 Boys  - Edmund Smith (Wenzhou Mei)
U12 Boys  - Alexander Hsieh (Caleb Monk)
U10 Boys  - Theodore Chui (Digby Ives O'Brien) 
U8  Boys  - Yue Wen (Pak Tong Feng)
U18 Girls - Charlotte Bexfield
U14 Girls - Hilary Bexfield
U12 Girls - Julia Volovich (Savannah Law)
U10 Girls - Zoe Walters (Emily Oliviere)
U8  Girls - Auden Oliviere

Overall place winners:

1st - Charlotte Bexfield
2nd - Edmund Smith
3rd - Yue Wen
These players were tied and shared the prize money

Challengers' Tournament - Keira Haden
Champion School/Club - Cambridge (second Letchworth)
Champion Primary School: Harpenden

The top three winners and the challenger got a large framed certificate showing their achievement and a prize.
All age group winners received a framed certificate and a small prize.

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