British Youth Go Championship Results 2018

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sat, 1 Dec 2018

The 2018 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) featured 57 competitors, aged from 5 to 18. This year, due to an easing of the qualifying rules, there were no non-British players in an open group. There were two minibuses from Cheadle Hulme School and groups from two new clubs. 15 players, ranked 34k to 40k, played in their own section, in a 5-round tournament on 13x13 boards.

The venue again this year was King Edward VI School in Aston, Birmingham.

Section Winners (runners-up)

U18: Tom Bradbury
U16: Jayden Ng (Rowan Borrow)
U14: Edmund Smith (Caleb Monk)
U12: Zoe Walters (Rahul Surapaneni)
U10: Daniel Yang (Emily Oliviere)
U8: Yanyi Xiong (Ryan Zhang)

Youth Champion: Tom Bradbury (Daniel Yang, Jayden Ng)

Winners of four games: Alexander Hsieh, Hilary Bexfield

Best School/Club (for the Castledine Trophy): Cambridge Chess and Go, beat Cheadle Hulme School
Best Junior School: Harpenden Academy, beat Sheffield Chinese

Fighting Spirit: Auden Oliviere

13x13 section: Abdul-Ghani Farooqi (Annie Walters, Lawrence Baker, Jacob Rubert)

Results table, sorted on number of wins (with one point for two byes)

The table shows details for each of the 5 rounds. Games were played with handicap stones are shown in red. Games were played on full-sized (19 by 19) boards. Per round, it shows the line number of the opponent, followed by a minus if the opponent won, or a plus if the opponent lost. Three adults played teaching games in round 5. Rank is the estimated grade given on entry, which may be wrong for some players.

1Yanyi Xiong15kCambridgeU828+16+20+13+12+5
2Daniel Chun Yang1dBirminghamU1011-37+25+26+24+4
3Alexander Hsieh9kCambridgeU1426+29+12-11+4+4
4Rowan Borrow15kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1627+26+35+5+3-4
5Hilary Bexfield17kLetchworthU1629+27+13+4-15+4
6Zoe Walters17kCambridgeU1243+32+26-29+7+4
7Rahul Surapaneni25kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1245+8+32+23+6-4
8Sam Barnett27kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1236+7-44+39+32+4
9Lucretiu Calota4dSt AlbansAdult............25+1
10Alison Bexfield1dLetchworthAdult............37+1
11Tom Bradbury3kCheadle Hulme SchoolU182+25+37+3-...3
12Caleb Monk15kKings College Junior SchoolU1414+15+3+37-1-3
13Joseph Curtis17kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1616+30+5-1-19+3
14Megan Upton18kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1412-31+39+18+26-3
15Elliot Barlow19kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1439+12-30+31+5-3
16Matthew Jackson19kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1613-1-27+30+20+3
17Emily Oliviere20kHarpenden AcademyU1040+28+33+25-29-3
18Velko Trifanov20kHarpendenU1232-40+21+14-28+3
19Julia Volovich25kCambridgeU1431-43+41+35+13-3
20Ryan Zhang25kLondonU834+45+1-36+16-3
21Ben Geertman30kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1244+22+18-42-39+3
22Adam Peake30kRednock SchoolU1423+21-40+28-33+3
23Eden Stanbra30kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1222-44+38+7-41+3
24Chao Zhang6dLondonAdult............2-0
25Jayden Ng1dBromsgrove SchoolU1637+11-2-17+9-2
26Theodor Calota12kSt AlbansU163-4-6+2-14+2
27Nelson He14kSheffield ChineseU164-5-16-41+43+2
28Jimmy Ni16kSheffield ChineseU101-17-34+22+18-2
29Lizzy Pollitt17kCheadle Hulme SchoolU165-3-31+6-17+2
30Iona Goodman20kWilliam FarrU1633+13-15-16-35+2
31Adrian Kabashi20kLetchworthU1419+14-29-15-34+2
32William Ni20kSheffield ChineseU1218+6-7-43+8-2
33Oscar Yan20kSheffield ChineseU1030-38+17-45+22-2
34Trixie Ives O'Brien23kHarpenden AcademyU1020-36+28-40+31-2
35Luke Garner25kLetchworthU1642+41+4-19-30-2
36Allen Gao30kSheffield ChineseU88-34-45+20-42+2
37Edmund Smith3kCambridgeU1425-2-11-12+10-1
38Andreas Ghica20kCaldecote PrimaryU1241-33-23-44-45+1
39Tianyu Li20kSheffield ChineseU1415-42+14-8-21-1
40Ethan Yan20kSheffield ChineseU1017-18-22-34-44+1
41Sioltach McGingle24kRednock SchoolU1438+35-19-27-23-1
42Max Gay25kRednock SchoolU1435-39-43-21+36-1
43Morgan Pittaway25kCheadle Hulme SchoolU146-19-42+32-27-1
44Roco Bodman30kRednock SchoolU1221-23-8-38+40-1
45Auden Oliviere25kHarpenden AcademyU87-20-36-33-38-0

13x13 Section

11Abdul-Ghani Farooqi35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU125+14+9+3+4+5
22Lawrence Baker35kOxfordU107+3-10+9+8+4
3Jacob Rubert35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1212+2+8+1-6+4
4Annie Walters35kCambridgeU1016+12+6+7+1-4
55Samuel Kortland35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU141-...14+15+13+3
6Rayaan Minhas37kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1215+10+4-8+3-3
7Charlotte Summers38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU122-15+13+4-10+3
88Dayn Odei35kHarpendenU813+9+3-6-2-2
9Evan Evans-Price36kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1214+8-1-2-12+2
10Arlo Kain37kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1211+6-2-13+7-2
11Kaylyn Owusu38kHarpendenU810-13-12-12+15+2
1212Ellia Blundell35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU143-4-11+11-9-1
13Armaan Minhas37kCheadle Hulme SchoolU128-11+7-10-5-1
1414Saskia Watson35kHarpendenU109-1-5-......0
1515Darin Odei40kHarpendenU86-7-...5-11-0
1616Sam Kortland35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU144-............0

All games played even. Sam Kortland played two games in round 1.

After the 13x13 was complete, players in the section played two rounds, mostly on 19x19, just for the learning experience.

Round 1
Annie 0 - 1 Abdul
Jacob 0 - 1 Lawrence
Rayaan 0 - 1 Charlotte
Evan 0 - 1 Samuel
Kaylyn 0 - 1 Arlo
Ellia 0 - 1 Dayn
Darin 0 - 1 Armaan

Round 2
Arlo 0 - 1 Abdul (no komi)
Samuel 0 - 1 Charlotte
Armaan 0 - 1 Dayn (no komi)
Lawrence 1 - 0 Annie
Evan 1 - 0 Kaylyn
Rayaan 1 - 0 Jacob
Darin 0 - 1 Ellia (2 stones)

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