DDK Grand Prix

Grand Prix
Current Champion
Clinton Yu

Annual Grand Prix for players 10 kyu and below.
Current year

Past Winners and Results
  • 2023 Rachel Chik (10-19k); Clinton Yu (20k+)
  • 2022 Florien Pein (10-19k); James Zhao (20k+)
  • 2021 Andrew Volovich (10-19k); Liann Wong (20k+)
  • 2020 Oliver Bardsley (10-19k); Abizer Nasir (20k+)
  • 2019 Caleb Monk (10-19k); Ryan Zhang (20k+)
  • 2018 Rowan Borrow (10-19k); Elliot Barlow (20k+)
  • 2017 Alan Stokes (10-19k); Amy Upton (20k+)
  • 2016 Alan Stokes (10-19k); Joel Barrett (20k+)
  • 2015 Charlotte Bexfield (10-19k); Daniel Gascoyne/Tom Bradbury (20k+)
  • 2014 Colin Maclennan (10-19k); Gediminas Sarpis (20k+)
  • 2013 Oscar Selby (10-19k); Rebecca Margetts (20k+)
  • 2012 Colin Maclennan (10-19k); Edmund Smith (20k+)
Start Year

This runs throughout the year, with Double Digit Kyu players scoring points for each of our tournaments entered, with more points for each game won.

At the end of the year the top player in the 10 - 19 kyu range and the top player in the 20+ kyu range each receive a prize, presented at a tournament early the following year. Prizes are vouchers for the Guo Juan Internet Go School.

The full rules are:

  1. You have to be a member of the BGA
  2. Qualifying tournaments are tournaments held in the UK and open to any entrant below 9 kyu from anywhere in the UK. Handicap and rapid play tournaments are included, but long duration online competitions, self-paired, small board, team, Pair Go and lightning events are not included. Every tournament has a maximum 100 points that you can score there.
  3. You get 40% of the points just for taking part. For the other 60% you score in proportion to points scored in the tournament. For example, if you win 2 out of 3 in a tournament, you score 40 plus two thirds of 60, i.e. 80 out of 100 in total.
  4. All players playing at least their first tournament in the year as a DDK can score points whilst they remain a DDK (clause added in November 2023). Their prize category depends on their first grade of the year.
  5. The competition runs for the calendar year with the London Open counting as the last tournament of the year.
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