Policies Presentation Re-vamp

Some little time ago it was realised that the way our current policies are presented is far from optimal. There was not a lot of consistency across them, and in many cases it was quite hard to separate the key policy statements from the descriptions of processes used.

An initiative was started to revamp the presentation of our policies, with the objectives of:

1. Standardising the presentation and structure of each Policy
2. Making them clearer for all readers
3. To help identify where future policy changes should be considered as possibly major (a change to the Policy Statement), significant (a change to the implementation), or minor (a change to supporting information)

There is no intention to change any policies as a result of this exercise, other than bringing them up to date where necessary to reflect past decisions and current practices.

To date four policies have been reworked, and many others are nearing completion. The new index of policies can be found HERE. As further revamped policies are rolled out we will keep you updated through news announcements.

Last updated Thu Feb 23 2023. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.