Youth Grand Prix 2018

Tournament Name
Youth Grand Prix
Tournament Date
Mon, 1 Jan - Mon, 31 Dec 2018

These are the final standings in the 2018 Youth Grand Prix,
after the London Open.

The top 3 players at the end of any current calendar year win cash prizes.

Edmund Smith3k Cambridge 800
Alexander Hsieh8k Cambridge 753
Rowan Borrow15k Cheadle Hulme 696
Caleb Monk15k King's College Juniors 545
Tom Bradbury3k Cheadle Hulme 518
Matthew Jackson19k Cheadle Hulme 512
Elliot Barlow18k Cheadle Hulme 492
Zoe Walters17k Cambridge 483
Joseph Curtis17k Cheadle Hulme 472
Yanyi Xiong15k Cambridge 438
Megan Upton18k Cheadle Hulme 432
Lizzy Pollitt17k Cheadle Hulme 428
Ryan Zhang25k London 416
Hilary Bexfield17k Letchworth 413
Morgan Pittaway25k Cheadle Hulme 404
Yue Wen5k Guildford386
Charlotte Bexfield7k Letchworth 381
Amy Upton16k Cheadle Hulme 380
Chun Yin Wong9k Lancaster376
Rohan Neelala15k Manchester Grammar 340
Emily Oliviere20k Harpenden 302
Lueming Yang16k Oxford 288
Theodor Calota13k St Albans 288
Velko Trifanov20k Harpenden 281
Rahul Surapaneni28k Cheadle Hulme 276
Trixie Ives O'Brien28k Harpenden 257
Annie Walters35k Cambridge 252
Daniel Yang1d Birmingham 250
Jacob Rubert35k Cheadle Hulme 236
Sam Barnett27k Cheadle Hulme 236
Julia Volovich25k Cambridge226
Jack Nolan13k Cheadle Hulme 220
Yifeng Yang20k Oxford 204
Adrian Kabashi20k Letchworth202
Luke Garner25k Letchworth 202
Abdul-Ghani Farooqi35k Cheadle Hulme 200
Auden Oliviere30k Harpenden 198
Eden Stanbra30k Cheadle Hulme 192
Sam Kortland35k Cheadle Hulme 192
Joab Isaac28k Cheadle Hulme 190
Qi Wen7K Guildford184
Andreas Ghica25k Cambridge 180
Lawrence Baker35k Oxford 176
Cate Howe36k Cheadle Hulme 160
David Baldwin19k Letchworth 154
Monty Ives O'Brien24k Harpenden 153
Adam Peake30k Rednock 152
Ben Geertman30k Cheadle Hulme 152
Charlotte Summers38k Cheadle Hulme 152
Rayaan Minhas37k Cheadle Hulme 152
Ellia Blundell35k Cheadle Hulme 144
Theo Chui30k Cambridge 141
Daniel Gascoyne15k Cheadle Hulme 135
Allen Gao30k Sheffield 128
Arlo Kain37k Cheadle Hulme 128
Dayn Odei35k Harpenden 128
Evan Evans-Price36k Cheadle Hulme 128
Iona Goodman20k William Farr 128
Jayden Ng1d Bromsgrove 128
Jimmy Ni20k Sheffield 128
Kaylyn Owusu38k Harpenden 128
Nelson He20k Sheffield 128
Oscar Yan22k Sheffield 128
William Ni22k Sheffield 128
Digby Ives O'Brien30k Harpenden 115
Armaan Minhas37k Cheadle Hulme 104
Ethan Yan25k Sheffield 104
Max Gay25k Rednock 104
Roco Bodman30k Rednock 104
Sioltach McGingle24k Rednock 104
Tianyu Li25k Sheffield 104
Ben Lindsey33k Letchworth 88
Neil Bai23k Cambridge 88
Yize Gao29k Cambridge 88
Adam Chan29k Lancaster 80
Ben Howe27k Cheadle Hulme 80
Darin Odei40k Harpenden 80
Hugo Ryan35k Cheadle Hulme 80
Oscar Selby5k Epsom 80
Saskia Watson35k Harpenden 80
Karima Khan34k Cambridge 76
Pak Tong Feng10k No Club74
Wenzhou Mei13k Cambridge 74
James Thomsom32k Letchworth65
Anna Hendricks38k Harpenden 64
Faye Lindsey37k Letchworth 64
Inka Hendricks36k Harpenden 64
Bruno Nicholas26k Manchester Grammar 60
Jason Brown9k Cheadle Hulme 60
Daniel Page36k Cambridge 58
Lauren Daly40k Harpenden 58
Aoife Lenihan35k Cambridge57
Keira Haden35k Harpenden57
Savannah Law28k Harpenden57
Emma Daly40k Harpenden 52
Ken Valdez Foulonneau40k Cambridge 52
Luca Thomas37k Harpenden 52
Martha Page36k Cambridge 52
Thomas Brown35k Harpenden 52
Andrew Volovich35k Cambridge48
Matthew Long35k Letchworth48
Alexander Timperi20k Imperial College 40
Amy Parker30k No Club 40
Isaac Vincent29k Cheadle Hulme 40
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