British Pair Go Championships 2006: Results

Tournament Name
British Pair Go
Tournament Date
Sun, 21 May 2006

Held in the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel, Boars Hill, near Oxford. The event was divided into two sections. The strongest eight pairs played in a tournament for which world amateur pair Go and European pair Go qualification points were allocated. The other pairs played in a handicap tournament.

Main Tournament

1Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen4+3+2+3
2Jenny Radcliffe & Tim Hunt 8+5+1-2
3Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke7+1-6+2
4Alison Bexfield & Simon Bexfield1-7+5+2
5Anna Griffiths & Tony Atkins6+2-4-1
6Sue Paterson & Granville Wright5-8+3-1
7Helen Harvey & Martin Harvey3-4-8+1
8Lizzy Abbott & Matt Scott2-6-7-0

Handicap Tournament

1Jackie Chai & John Johnstone6.5k8+5+2+3
2Pauline Bailey & Steve Bailey10.5k3+4+1-2
3Elinor Brooks & France Ellul6.5k2-8+6+2
4Ingrid Jendrzejewski & Alex Selby6k6+2-5+2
5Sally Prime & Nick Wedd4.5k7+1-4-1
6Jil Segerman & Tony Pitchford8k4-7+3-1
7Pip Ridley & Pat Ridley23k5-6-8+1
8Francis Roads4d1-3-7-0

Grades are shown to indicate which sides received handicaps (half rounded in favour of Black). Francis Roads (4 dan) played solo as the ghost.

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