British Pair Go Championships 2007: Results

Tournament Name
British Pair Go
Tournament Date
Sun, 3 Jun 2007

Held in the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel, Boars Hill, near Oxford. The event was divided into two sections. The strongest eight pairs played in a tournament for which world amateur pair Go and European pair Go qualification points were allocated. The other pairs played in a handicap tournament.

Main Tournament

1Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen4+3+2+3
2Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke 8+5+1-2
3Sue Paterson & Granville Wright 6+1-5+2
4Jil Segerman & Tony Atkins 1-8+6+2
5Helen Harvey & Martin Harvey 7+2-3-1
6Jenny Radcliffe & Francis Roads 3-7+4-1
7Elinor Brooks & France Ellul 5-6-8+1
8Emma Marchant & Simon Goss 2-4-7-0

Handicap Tournament

1Lydia Feasey & Jonathan Englefield16.5k3+5+2+3
2Roella Smith & Paul Smith15.5k 7+6+1-2
3Tessa Holden & Tim Hunt9.5k 1-8+5+2
4Edwina Lee & Pat Ridley10k 5-7+6+2
5Sam McCarthy & John Collins19k 4+1-3-1
6Jackie Chai & John Johnstone6.5k 8+2-4-1
7Ruth Horry & Alistair Turnbull14k 2-4-8+1
8Ingrid Jendrzejewski & Alex Selby3k 6-3-7-0

3 and 4, 5 and 6 were equal. Grades are shown to indicate which sides received handicaps (half rounded in favour of Black, 6 komi to black when no rounding).

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