Challengers' League Results: 2012

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Fri, 1 - Mon, 4 Jun 2012

Andrew Kay and Nick Krempel will be playing the best-of-three Title Match, which will be relayed via KGS. Watch out for more detailed announcements when plans have been finalised. Many thanks are due to Kiyohiko Tanaka, Rippei Hayashi and the Nippon Club for hosting, and Michael Webster and Alistair Wall for sharing the refereeing duties with Jenny Radcliffe.

Position Label Name Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Wins
1 C Andrew Kay South London F+ D+ B+ G+ E+ A+ H- 6
2 F Nick Krempel Central London C- H+ A+ D- B+ G+ E+ 5
3 A Felix Wang Central London H+ G+ F- E+ D+ C- B- 4
H Alex Selby Cambridge A- F- D+ B+ G+ E- C+ 4
5 E Andrew Simons Cambridge D- B+ G+ A- C- H+ F- 3
6 D Dave Ward Cambridge E+ C- H- F+ A- B+ G- 3
7 G Francis Roads Wanstead B+ A- E- C- H- F- D+ 2
8 B Des Cann NoClub G- E- C- H- F- D- A+ 1
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