UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2013

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sat, 6 Jul 2013

Held at Milton C of E Primary School, Cambridge.

The overall place and age group categories were determined by a knockout system.

The team trophy was decided by games between the three members of one team against the other.

Handicap games are in red, played with 5 stones.

1Melchior ChuiU16CambridgeUK3-18+15+6+5+2+7+627
2Oscar SelbyU10EpsomUK...11+5+3+4+1-13+526
3David RobsonU16CambridgeUK1+12+...2-6+5+10+525
4Kelda SmithU10CambridgeUK21+10+22+13+2-6-9+523
5Edmund SmithU8CambridgeUK13+15+2-12+1-3-8+429
6Roella SmithU14CambridgeUK14+...10+1-3-4+12+425
7Alexander HsiehU8CambridgeUK15-19+23+16+9+12-1-422
8Hilary BexfieldU10LetchworthUK10-20+11+9+14-18+5-421
9Margot SelbyU8EpsomUK19+23+20+8-7-22+4-420
10Claudia BazykU10CambridgeUK8+4-6-11-21+14+3-326
11Ben SteeleU10MiltonUK16+2-8-10+13-20-19+322
12Charlotte BexfieldU12LetchworthUK18+3-14+5-...7+6-322
13Alex TerryU14BungayUK5-14+18+4-11+...2-322
14Rebecca MargettsU14EpsomUK6-13-12-17+8+10-18+322
15Wenzhou MeiU8MiltonUK7+5-1-............314
16Siddhant GadkariU10MiltonUK11-17+19+7-.........312
17Haide NieU10CambridgeUK...16-21+14-20+......310
18Josh TerryU12BungayUK12-1-13-20+19+8-14-223
19Aarav GandhiU8MiltonUK9-7-16-22+18-21+11-220
20Constance SelbyU8EpsomUK22+8-9-18-17-11+21-220
21Isabelle MargettsU10EpsomUK4-22-17-23+10-19-20+218
22Sarah KhurramU10MiltonUK20-21+4-19-23+9-...216
23QiaoQiao NieU8CambridgeUK...9-7-21-22-......112


U16 Boys  - David Robson (Cambridge)
U14 Boys  - Alex Terry (Bungay)
U12 Boys  - Josh Terry (Bungay)
U10 Boys  - Oscar Selby (Epsom) (& Top Boy)
U8  Boys  - Edmund Smith (Milton) 
U14 Girls - Roella Smith (Cambridge) (& Top Girl)
U12 Girls - Charlotte Bexfield (Letchworth)
U10 Girls - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U8  Girls - Margot Selby (Epsom)

Overall place winners:

1st - Oscar Selby
2nd - David Robson
3rd - Melchior Chui

Challengers' Tournament - Alexander Hsieh (Cambridge)
Champion School - N/C
Champion Primary School - Stamford Green, Epsom (beat Milton 2-1)
Challengers' School: N/C

The top three winners and age group winners won cash prizes and also got a framed certificate showing their achievement.

Siddhant Gadkari, Kelda Smith and Melchior Chui were good at puzzle solving.

Kelda Smith won the caption competition.

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