British Youth Go Championship Results: 2013

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 17 Mar 2013

The 2013 Youth Championships had 27 competitors aged from 7 to 18, with strengths from 1 dan to 35 kyu. King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham, was a good central venue.

Tian-Ren Chen from Loughborough retained the youth title.
Age group winners determined by even games within that age group.
Prizes and places went to:

Overall winner: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough), 2nd Matei Mandache (Loughborough)
U18: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough), 2nd Matei Mandache (Loughborough)
U16: Melchior Chui (Cambridge), 2nd Peran Truscott (Cambridge)
U14: Hasan Nisar (Aston), 2nd: Hugh Banes (Bloxham)
U12: Dylan Zhu-Dong (Leamington), 2nd: Max Kirkham (Bloxham)
U10: Oscar Selby (Epsom), 2nd: Anthony Ghica (Newmarket)
U8: Edmund Smith (Cambridge), 2nd: Margot Selby (Epsom)
Castledine Trophy: Loughborough (beat Aston 2-1)
Best Primary School: Sandilands, Manchester
Fighting Spirit Prize: Lucas Samba Gray (Sandilands); special prize to Hugh Banes

Adult ghosts playing teaching games were Martin Harvey in R1 and R3, and Helen Harvey in R4. Alison Bexfield was ghost in R2 and R5.

Results table sorted on number of wins:

1Matei Mandache5kLoughboroughU1818+7+8-16+3+414
2Colin Putman9kSwindonU187-23+9+8+10+414
3Oscar Selby13kEpsomU1020+17+12+15+1-413
4Melchior Chui12kCambridge Chess-GoU1616+10+19-7+15+412
5Adam Zaman22kAstonU189-24+24+21+22+49
6Lydia Adissu34kSandilandsU1013-26+28+29+11+49
7Ravinder Hayer13kAstonU182+1-17+4-25+315
8Tian-Ren Chen1dLoughboroughU1815+18+1+2-23-314
9Ibraheem Hussain16kAstonU185+13+2-18-24+314
10Peran Truscott13kCambridge Chess-GoU1625+4-16+19+2-313
11Robbie Jesson32kSandilandsU1014+20-27+13+6-313
12Edmund Smith15kCambridge Chess-GoU817+14+3-25-19+312
13Andrew Coles32kLoughboroughU186+9-26+11-27+312
14Margot Selby35kEpsomU811-12-29+27+26+39
15Dylan Zhu-Dong10kLeamingtonU128-19+21+3-4-215
16Aidan Putman9kSwindonU164-25+10-1-18+214
17Anthony Ghica19kNewmarketU1012-3-7-20+21+214
18Hamzah Reta7kAstonU181-8-25+9+16-213
19Hasan Nisar17kAstonU1424+15-4+10-12-213
20Hilary Bexfield26kLetchworthU103-11+22-17-28+212
21Max Kirkham24kBloxham SchoolU1227+22+15-5-17-211
22Harry Upton24kAstonU1228+21-20+24-5-210
23Alison Bexfield2dLetchworthAd...2-......8+17
24Hugh Banes20kBloxham SchoolU1419-5-5-22+9-115
25Thomas Meehan15kSolihullU1610-16-18-12+7-113
26Lucas Samba Gray35kSandilandsU1029+6-13-28-14-112
27James Walker35kSandilandsU1021-28+11-14-13-112
28Shannon Decruz35kSandilandsU1022-27-6-26+20-110
29Some Adult--Ad26-...14-6-...08
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