London Open Pair Go: Results 2014

Tournament Name
London Open Pair Go
Tournament Date
Mon, 29 Dec 2014

All games played with handicap.

* = teams in Doubles section

Pair Go First: Lova Wahlin / Chi-Min Oh
Pair Go Second: Hajin Lee / Benjamin Teuber
Doubles First: Jitka Bartova / Ngoc-Trang Cao

11Lova Wåhlin / Chi-Min Oh3dSE-UK15+13+6+3+410
2*Jitka Bartova / Ngoc-Trang Cao1.5dCZ-FR7+16+15+6+410
33Hajin Lee / Benjamin Teuber7dKR-DE13+10+4+1-39
44Joanne Leung / Philip Leung3.5dUK14+11+3-10+38
55Dongeun Choi / Marc Stoehr4dKR-FR16+6-12+7+37
66Xaio Ma / Junnan Jiang5dCN12+5+1-2-27
77*Mikkel Mathiesen / Jannik Gram5.5kDK2-15+16+5-25
8Charlotte Bexfield / Oscar Selby9kUK11-9+10+...25
99Jenny Radcliffe / Francis Roads2.5kUK10-8-11+13+23
1010Meng Lu / Christopher Lieberum4dCN-DE9+3-8-4-14
11Hui Zhang / Young-Sam Kim4dCN-KR8+4-9-14-14
1212Alison Bexfield / Matthew Selby2.5kUK6-14+5-...13
1313Chu Lu / Chris Volk2.5dCN-DE3-1-14+9-12
1414Gudrun Breitenbauch / Jyrgen Gysson11kDE-EE4-12-13-11+11
1515*Kenjiro Okabe / Nick Cheung6kJP-UK1-7-2-...00
16Carol Doyle / Michael Plikk7.5kIE-NO5-2-7-...00
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