British Youth Go Championship Results: 2014

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 18 May 2014

The 2014 Youth Championships had 19 competitors aged from 5 to 16, with strengths from 6 kyu to 35 kyu. King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham, was again the venue.

Section Winners (Runners Up)

Youth Champion: Dylan Zhu-Dong (Oscar Selby)
U18: N/A
U16: Melchior Chui (Tom Meehan)
U14: Dylan Zhu-Dong (Hasan Nisar)
U12: Oscar Selby (Kelda Smith)
U10: Hilary Bexfield (Margot Selby)
U8: Andreas Ghica

Handicap winner: Alex Terry
Best School: Stamford Green Primary, Epsom (beat Bloxham School 2-1 in round 2)

Results table sorted on number of wins

Handicap and no-komi games are in red. Andreas Ghica played all games on 13x13 board.
A teaching game was played against an adult of appropriate strength instead of awarding byes.

11Dylan Zhu-Dong10kLeamington13+5+6+2+12+9+6
22Oscar Selby6kEpsom20+14+7+1-5+6+5
3Alex Terry22kBungay18+16+14+13-15+17+5
4Margot Selby30kEpsom19+15+8-11+16+18+5
55Melchior Chui9kCambridge12+1-13+9+2-7+4
6Hasan Nisar10kAston14+9+1-12+14+2-4
7Kelda Smith17kCambridge10+8+2-20+18+5-4
8Hilary Bexfield26kLetchworth16+7-4+18+10-19+4
99Roella Smith12kCambridge15+6-12+5-13+1-3
10Anthony Ghica19kNewmarket7-17+18+16-8+12-3
11Constance Selby35kEpsom17-18-19+4-20+16+3
1212Thomas Meehan11kSolihull5-13+9-6-1-10+2
13Charlotte Bexfield15kLetchworth1-12-5-3+9-15+2
14Max Kirkham20kBloxham School6-2-3-17+6-20+2
15Tom Davies21kBloxham School9-4-20+19+3-13-2
16Rebecca Margetts28kEpsom8-3-17+10+4-11-2
17Zayn-Al-Abideen Khan31kAston11+10-16-14-19+3-2
1818Morgan Haylor25kBloxham School3-11+10-8-7-4-1
19Andreas Ghica35kNewmarket4-20+11-15-17-8-1
2020Adult Ghost0dAny2-19-15-7-11-14-0
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