UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2017

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sat, 8 Jul 2017

The finals were held at the bet365 football stadium in Stoke-on-Trent on 8th July.

The overall place and age group categories were determined by a knockout system.

The team trophy was won uncontested and there was no primary school team.

Handicap games are in red based on Cambridge system.
George and Edmund played teaching games on 19x19 against adults in round 6.
Edmund v George in R4 and Edmund v Tom in R5 were also played on 19x19.
All other games 13x13.

1George Han3kNorthwoodU810+9-5+10+2+0+5
2Jason Brown11kCheadle HulmeU169+6+3+5+1-14+5
3Anthony Ghica17kCombertonU1414+4+2-8+11+7+5
4Lizzy Pollitt19kCheadle HulmeU148+3-11+7+12+13+5
5Alexander Hsieh9kCambridgeU1211+10+1-2-9+6+4
6Tom Bradbury9kCheadle HulmeU167+2-10+9+10-5-3
7Daniel Gascoyne16kCheadle HulmeU166-13+12+4-8+3-3
8Amy Upton19kCheadle HulmeU144-12+13+3-7-9+3
9Jack Nolan12kCheadle HulmeU162-1+14+6-5-8-2
10Edmund Smith4kCambridgeU121-5-6-1-6+0+2
11Megan Upton22kCheadle HulmeU125-14+4-13-3-12+2
12Rowan Borrow27kCheadle HulmeU1413+8-7-14+4-11-2
13Cate Howe27kCheadle HulmeU1612-7-8-11+14-4-1
14Matthew Jackson21kCheadle HulmeU143-11-9-12-13+2-1


U16 Boys  - Jason Brown (Cheadle Hulme School)
U14 Boys  - Anthony Ghica (Comberton, Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - Alexander Hsieh (Cambridge)
U8  Boys  - George Han (Northwood, London) (& Top Boy)
U16 Girls - Cate Howe (Cheadle Hulme School)
U14 Girls - Lizzy Pollitt (Cheadle Hulme School) (& Top Girl)
U12 Girls - Megan Upton (Cheadle Hulme School)

Overall place winners:

1st - George Han 
2nd - Jason Brown
3rd - Alexander Hsieh

Challengers' Tournament - Rowan Borrow
Champion School - Cheadle Hulme School
Champion Primary School: N/C
Challengers' School: N/C

Megan Upton was good at solving problems.

The event was sponsored by Mindsports Academy as part of their youth championship event.
Winner and second received a trophy from MSA. The top three winners and the challenger got a large framed certificate showing their achievement.

All age group winners received a framed certificate and a plaque from Mind Sports Academy.

All players received a MSA voucher, participants medal and sports bag.

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