British Youth Go Championship Results 2017

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sat, 18 Nov 2017

The 2017 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) featured 46 competitors, aged from 7 to 18. Thanks to a large number of oriental players currently living in the UK, there were several dan-graded players (mostly in an Open group shown "*" against age group below) and, thanks to a new club at Harpenden Academy, a group of players around 40 kyu in strength. Grades shown are estimated grades on entry.

The venue this year was King Edward VI School in Aston, Birmingham.

Section Winners (runners-up)

U18: Zaki Betesh (Tom Bradbury)
U16: Jayden Ng (Luke Garner)
U14: Edmund Smith (Hilary Bexfield)
U12: Lueming Yang (Jan Kudla)
U10: Zoe Walters (Elliot Grose)
U8: George Han (Auden Oliviere)

Youth Champion: Jayden Ng (Zaki Betesh, Tom Bradbury)

Open Champion: Yueran Wang (Jayden Ng, Bill Shen tied with Daniel Yang)
Game Review of Open Final, Wang vs Ng, by Guo Juan, 5p

Winners of four games: Matthew Jackson, Luke Garner, Joab Isaac, Chun Yin Wong

Best School (for the Castledine Trophy): Cheadle Hulme School, beat Cambridge Chess and Go 2-1
(semi-finals Cambridge 2-1 Aston, Cheadle Hulme School 3-0 Letchworth)
Best Junior School: Harpenden Academy, beat James Gillespie's Primary (Edinburgh) 2-1

13x13 side event: 3/3 won Lueming Yang, 7 games played Velko Trifonov.
Fighting Spirit: Emily Oliviere (main event), Montgomery Ives O'Brien (13x13 side event).

Results table, sorted on number of wins (with one point for two byes)

The table shows details for each of the 5 rounds. Most games were played without handicap stones, on full-sized (19 by 19) boards. Per round, it shows the line number of the opponent, followed by a minus if the opponent won, or a plus if the opponent lost.

Emily Oliviere, Auden Oliviere and Benjamin Lindsey played all games 13x13, Isaac Vincent R1-R4, Elliot Grose, Monty Ives O'Brien R1-R2, Joab Isaac R1,2,5, Morgan Pittaway R1,2,4,5, and Elliot Barlow R4,5.

1Zaki Betesh5kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1830+29+37+3+11+5
2Yueran Wang2dBloxham SchoolU16*36+10+9+8+...4
3Tom Bradbury5kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1837+30+32+1-28+4
4Chun Yin Wong11kLancasterU1831+15-38+15+37+4
5Matthew Jackson22kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1443+18-40+21+34+4
6Luke Garner30kLetchworthU1624+42+25+45+20-4
7Joab Isaac37kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1247+27+44+43-46+4
8Jayden Yui-Him Ng5dBromsgroveU169+36+28+2-10-3
9Bill Yubin Shen4dReadingU12*8-37+2-10+30+3
10Daniel Chun Yang4dBirminghamU8*28+2-36+9-8+3
11Edmund Smith5kCambridgeU1438+28-29+32+1-3
12(Pierre Oliviere)15kHarpendenAdult.........14+...1
13Jan Kudla16kEdinburghU1214-39+31-19+22+3
14Lueming Yang17kOxfordU1213+19+17-12-32+3
15Zohaib Rehan18kAstonU1817+4+33+4-...3
16Amy Upton18kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1432-17-22+41+18+3
17Zoe Walters18kCambridgeU1015-16+14+26+31-3
18Rohan Neelala20kManchester GSU1433-5+45+20+16-3
19Megan Upton21kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1240+14-21+13-41+3
20Joseph Curtis24kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1422-44+41+18-6+3
21Caleb Monk25kKings College Junior SchoolU1241+40+19-5-26+3
22Adrian Kabashi28kLetchworthU1220+43+16-34+13-3
23Isaac Vincent33kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1427-47+46-35+42+3
24Elliot Barlow35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU126-45+34-46+47+3
25Morgan Pittaway38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1226-46+6-47+35+3
26Elliot Grose40kHarpendenU1025+35+42+17-21-3
27Monty Ives O'Brien40kHarpendenU1223+7-43+42-45+3
28George Yi Xiu Han3kNorthwoodU810-11+8-29+3-2
29Hasan Nisar7kAstonU1839+1-11-28-38+2
30Roella Smith7kCambridgeU181-3-39+38+9-2
31Kingston King Yeung Fung8kBromsgroveU18*4-38-13+37-17+2
32Hilary Bexfield18kLetchworthU1416+33+3-11-14-2
33Lizzy Pollitt19kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1418+32-15-39-40+2
34Velko Trifonov25kHarpendenU1242+41-24+22-5-2
35Benjamin Lindsey38kLetchworthU1046+26-47+23-25-2
36Jinu Chang1dEpsomU16*2-8-10-......0
37Charlotte Bexfield6kLetchworthU183-9-1-31+4-1
38Alfred Ying Qiao Shu7kReadingU8*11-31+4-30-29-1
39Sam Shale15kAstonU1829-13-30-33+...1
40Yifeng Yang20kOxfordU1219-21-5-44+33-1
41Hanna Kudla19kEdinburghU1221-34+20-16-19-1
42Felix Berganza-Jones25kEdinburghU1234-6-26-27+23-1
43Hanga Eory25kEdinburghU125-22-27-7+44-1
44James Sundaram25kAstonU1845-20-7-40-43+1
45Max Forbes33kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1644+24-18-6-27-1
46Auden Oliviere40kHarpendenU835-25-23+24-7-1
47Emily Oliviere40kHarpendenU107-23-35-25-24-0
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