MSO 9x9

9 x 9
Current Champion
Yat Hin Yorkson Cheung

9x9 tournament at Mind Sports Olympiad in London

Past Winners and Results
  • 2022 GP Yat Hin Yorkson Cheung
  • 2021 Hiroki Kanno
  • 2020 Carlo Metta
  • 2018 Joanne Leung
  • 2017 Gong Cheng
  • 2016 Michael Webster
  • 2015 Joanne Leung
  • 2014 Aja Huang
  • 1999 Seong-June Kim
  • 1998 Migaku Hayashi
  • 1997 Guo Juan
Start Year
Normal Month

This is the 9x9 small board tournament that is part of the Mind Sports Olympiad, held each August in London. Normally at JW3, London, NW3 6ET. Was cancelled in 2019.

2020 and 2021 were free entry, played online on OGS in group Mind Sports Olympiad. 5-round Swiss. 9x9 games. 15 mins. Play-off if tie for first on 5 wins.

2022 MSO GP online event 21st May. On the board event during main MSO 21st-29th August.

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