AlphaGo from DeepMind burst onto the scene early in 2016 when it was announced it had beaten professional-level player Fan Hui in a match.

In March 2016 all eyes were on AlphaGo when it played and the top 9 dan Korean professional Lee Sedol and beat him four games to one.

In January 2017 AlphaGo played anonymously as Master on several Oriental servers against top professionals; it scored a resounding 60 wins with no defeats. It then, in March, played a final match beating the acknowledged world's best player, the Chinese Ke Jie, by three games to none.

AlphaGo then retired from competition.

In October 2017 it was announced that AlphaGo Zero, armed with just the rules, had in 40 days become even better at Go than the original AlphaGo, without the help of game records!

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