Play Go Follow-up

You've finished our Introduction to Go booklet, so now you know the full rules and how to play!

Why don't you have a game now? Capture Go is good as a starter, but you'll want to move on to the full game soon.

We'd suggest you play on a 9x9 board until you're comfortable about playing and then gradually increasing the size to 13x13 and 19x19.

We offer some good advice about buying sets here. But if you're not ready to invest this amount of money and you haven't got your own board and stones you can make your own following our instructions here.

There are some subtleties you won't have mastered yet and also there's some background to the game you might be interested in, so why don't you browse the rest of our site?

Alternatively, return to our main What is Go? page.

Last updated Thu Oct 26 2017.
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