About the British Go Association

Rear Cover of Play Go Booklet We are a voluntary organisation promoting the game of Go in the United Kingdom. Membership is open to all on payment of an annual subscription and we support players of all standards. We

  • support the playing and teaching of Go in the UK and abroad, with other international Go organisations.
  • make available a selection of books and equipment to members at moderate prices at tournaments and also offer a discount at selected mail-order retailers.
  • produce the British Go Journal, a magazine of news, comment, instructional articles and game commentaries.
  • provide an electronic newsletter for members.
  • help to attract more players to the game through various promotional activities and material
  • provide a comprehensive web site

For beginners, we

  • maintain lists of members and Go clubs. These are available to members wishing to find new opponents.
  • encourage the formation of new clubs, especially in schools, by providing starter sets' and advising organisers.
  • provide funds to promote the playing of Go by young people, in conjunction with an independent trust fund, the Castledine-Barnes Trust.

Helping players to improve, we

  • provide a Game Review service by some of the country's strongest players.
  • run regular teaching events throughout the UK, as well as Online, with strong players as teachers
  • encourage strong players to visit clubs to give teaching and simultaneous games through subsidies.
  • arrange teaching visits by professional players from other countries.
  • support an extensive programme of tournaments during the year and maintain a UK tournament schedule. Several tournaments, including an inter-club league, are played over the internet. Other tournaments are organised by clubs, supported by us. Most tournaments are organised in such a way as to allow players of all strengths to take part.
  • organise tournaments aimed specifically at younger players, including the British Youth Championships and the UK Go Challenge.

For stronger players, we

  • ensure that all UK tournament results are included in the European Go ratings, an Elo-style system run by the European Go Federation. The ratings of British players are shown on our website and players are awarded dan diplomas when they have reached the appropriate level.
  • provide specific coaching by professionals.
  • run annual British Individual and Pair Go Championships.
  • organise the UK's representation at international events, such as the World Amateur Go Championship.

For more information about membership or to become one visit http://www.britgo.org/join

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