British Pair Go Championships 2016 Results

Tournament Name
British Pair Go
Tournament Date
Sat, 4 Jun 2016

Held in the Red Lion, Hatfield. The event was divided into two sections. The strongest eight pairs played in the main tournament, for which both International Amateur Pair Go and European Pair Go qualification points were allocated. The other pairs played in a handicap tournament.

Main Tournament

1Joanne Leung & Bruno Poltronieri 8+3+2+3
2Elaine Yu & Chao Zhang 5+4+1-2
3Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke 7+1-6+2
4Alison Bexfield & Simon Bexfield 6+2-5+2
5Jenny Radcliffe & Francis Roads 2-8+4-1
6Anna Al-Damluji & Tony Atkins 4-7+3-1
7Ingrid Jendrzejewski & Alex Selby 3-6-8+1
8Charlotte Bexfield & Oscar Selby 1-5-7-0

Handicap Tournament

1Helen Harvey & Daniel Gascoyne11k 4+3+2+3
2Amy Upton & Jack Nolan23k 6+5+1-2
3Hui Zhang & Fred Zhu3k 7+1-5+2
4Hilary Bexfield & Edmund Smith18k 1-7+6+2
5Sam McCarthy & John Collins15k 8+2-3-1
6Lizzy Pollitt & Martin Harvey15k 2-8+4-1
7Julia Woewodskaya & Aja Huang2k 3-4-8+1
8Amanda Ross & Roger Huyshe14k 5-6-7-0

Grades are shown to indicate which sides received handicaps.

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