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Manga (cartoon stories) and anime (cartoon animations) are very popular in Japan and have many devotees around the world, both young and old. Several feature Go, as described below, and also we have included a children's novel here.

Other English language novels that contain Go are in our list of Novels and other books featuring Go.

Hikaru No Go

"Hikaru no Go" (meaning "Hikaru's Go") first arrived on the scene in December 1998. He made his first appearance in the weekly Jump comic for Japanese children. Soon he had his first book and then his own anime series and became very popular among children in Japan and then gained fans all round the world, especially when English and other language translations appeared.

More about Hikaru No Go

Gunbu No Pair Go

New for 2021 is this new Japanese manga based on Pair Go (doubles). It appeared in the monthly magazine "Action" and volume one is now in book form. It was produced with the cooperation of the Japan Pair Go Association, with professional player Fujisawa Rina acteding as editorial supervisor. There are plans to translate the book in English.

The first book in Japanese can be read online.

Hoshizora no Karasu

Teenagers might like to check out the series "Hoshizora no Karasu" ("Crow in the Starry Sky") by Morie Satoshi. This is about teenage girl, Karasuma Waka, who gets her passion for Go from her grandfather, a professional player. One day, Waka meets the attractive young Go genius, Sagisaka Souji, and, when she watches him play a match that tears at both body and soul, she decides to become a pro herself. However her mother is very much against this as the grandfather once left his dying wife to play a game. Waka bets with her mother that if she wins the next tournament the mother will withdraw her objections. Eight books are in the series published in Japanese from 2013 to 2016.

Weiqi Shaonian

Watch out for this cartoon series that was first broadcast in China in 2006. It is set in the violent world of ancient China. Its title means "Go Youngsters".

For more images you can visit the Chinese TV's Weqi Shaonian web site.

Tonari No Seki-Kun

"My Neighbour Seki" (subtitled "The Master of Killing Time") is anime and manga is about Seki, a naughty, but clever, school boy, and Rumi, the girl who is his long-suffering neighbour at the back of class. In each episode Seki-kun ignores the teacher and performs some spectacular stunt with the things from his bag, such as erasers, robots or games pieces (such as Chess or Shogi). In story 5 and episode 4 he creates animations using Go stones. Watch on Crunchyroll

Aji's Quest

You might also enjoy the web-published Aji's Quest. 180 pages tell the story of a quoll called Aji who seeks to become better at Go and embarks on a quest to enlist the help of the mysterious Master Tenuki. During his pilgrimage he has to beat various animals guarding the route and cope with attacks from black and white Go stones.

In 2021 the first book, by Colette Bezio, was published.

Young Samurai:
The Ring of Water

Not anime nor manga, but an English language novel for younger readers set in 17th Century Japan. "The Ring of Water" part of the Young Samurai series features the hero having to learn to play Go in order to save himself and his friends. More about Young Samurai

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