Council and Officials

Council and Officials Officials by Commitee Officals by Person Vacancies
We usually have several vacancies amongst our various positions and officer roles. These are listed below. All areas can, of course, need extra assistance, for instance an area where we often need help is developing youth activities. If you think you can help with work in any area then please let us know. If you are interested in helping us with one of the listed vacancies or in any other way please contact the President or another Council member.
Role Job Descripton Person

The Marketing Manager is responsible for initiating, managing and monitoring of all marketing initiatives. These include

  • encouraging and helping with publicity for our own tournaments and other events
  • identifying and developing publicity for other target opportunities
  • participating in exhibitions and other kinds of external events
  • handling relations with other external UK organisations not directly covered by other officials, e.g. the Anglo-Japan Society
Publicity Material

Responsible for producing new editions of publicity materials.

Youth Teaching

Organises online teaching sessions for promising junior players

Council Member

Elected member of Council.

Andrew Ambrose-Thurman
Governance Committee Member Andrew Ambrose-Thurman
Tournament Co-ordinator

Maintains our Tournament Calendar and provides support to tournament organisers. As there are less than 52 events in a year, there is an attempt to smooth out the calendar so some months are not too crowded with events. Certainly there should not normally be two events the same weekend, and especially not the same day.

To choose a date for your tournament, look at the calendar to see what is available, taking note of the geographic spread of events in a particular month as well as the date. Then check with the coordinator that your date is suitable and it will be added to the calendar, provisionally until you confirm the date and provide more information.

If your date is acceptable as fitting into our calendar, then the tournament will be listed and you will able to borrow our tournament equipment and even get assistance with running your event. In return you will be expected to pay the Tournament Levy and provide the results of your event electronically to us (primarily for rating purposes).

Tony Atkins
UK Go Challenge

Organises the annual UK Go Challenge competition for schools.

Tony Atkins

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Tony Atkins
Website Editor

Maintains the day-to-day contents of the website.

Tony Atkins
Website News Editor

Collects news and maintains the news section of the website.

Tony Atkins
Youth Championship

Organises the annual British Youth Go Championship.

Tony Atkins
Youth Grand Prix Organiser

Keeps track of the points scored in the annual Youth Grand Prix (see junior section).

Tony Atkins
Squad Leader

Leader of the UK Youth Go Squad.

This squad provides coaching and competitions for keen juniors who are aiming to become strong enough to represent the UK in the European Youth Championships and European Youth Go Team Championship. The leader monitors youth players to look for new members.

Alison Bexfield

The Archivist looks after our Archive which contains material relating to the history of the Association, including old minute books, and most English-language Go publications. The job includes maintaining an inventory of the contents of the archive. Please contact the Archivist before sending new items for inclusion in the archive.

Barry Chandler
British Go Journal Editorial Consultant

Advises and assists the editor of the Journal.

Barry Chandler

Responsible for the overall maintenance of the website, especially looking at moving forward the version of Drupal used.

Our policy statement describes the policy followed and lists those who are responsible for sections of the site.

Jonathan Chin
Stacey Points

Maintains the list of players' Stacey Points.

Jim Clare
Youth Adviser

Advises on Youth matters.

Member of Sub-committee developing Youth Go Server in collaboration with the American Go Foundation.

Chris Sutherland
Facebook Administrator

Posts messages and administers the Association's page on Facebook.

Jon Diamond

Solicits and encourages Sponsorship for the Association and its events.

Jon Diamond

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Jon Diamond
London Open Organiser

Organises the joint London Go Centre and British Go Association team running the London Open Tournament.

Gerry Gavigan

Responsible for the monitoring and administration of our britgo Twitter account

Jonathan Green
Facebook Administrator

Responsible for monitoring and keeping up to date our Facebook page.

Martin Harvey
Junior Web Site Editor

Edits the junior section of the web site, including the lists contained thereon.

Ex-officio (see Online Committee)

Martin Harvey
Junior Web Site Editor

Edits the Junior Web Site section of our website (also part of Youth Committee)

Martin Harvey
UK Youth Team

Organises international matches with other countries, normally via the Internet.

Martin Harvey

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Bob Hitchens
Life Member

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered. Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

Derek Hunter
Game Review Service

One of the benefits of being a BGA member is that you can get your games analysed by a stronger player. If you would like to take advantage of this, please send me the game record as an SGF file. (If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. Just get in touch and we can sort out the practicalities.)

When playing Go, sometimes we can see our own mistakes. At other times, we can be playing bad moves without realising it. This is when getting someone else to review your games can really help you improve. As a BGA member, you have this service ready and waiting for you. You just need to ask.

If you send me a game, I am likely to comment on a few key points, so if you have particular questions about what happened, please ask them. When selecting a game to send, games were you were concentrating (for example tournament games) are likely to be more useful than casual games, and you normally learn more from games you lost than ones you won easily, but the choice of game is up to you.

Email the Game Review Service at:

Tim Hunt
Gotalk Moderator

Administers the Gotalk email list, checking for bouncing addresses and incorrectly rejected messages.

Tim Hunt
Draw Program Maintainer

GoDraw is the program that provides the draw for our McMahon organised tournaments. It has a Windows interface and is constantly being improved. You can download GoDraw via the BGA software pages.

Geoff Kaniuk
Rating and Grading

Monitors the rating and grading system, determines if any changes are needed and makes them.

Geoff Kaniuk
Referee Training

Suggests and encourages referee training and provides material for referee courses.

Geoff Kaniuk
Tournament Results

Collects the results from all UK tournaments and ensures that they are sent to the Web Site Editor for the results section and to the European ratings system in the correct format.

Geoff Kaniuk
Membership Secretary

Responsible for maintaining our membership database, sending out renewal reminders, processing membership applications and issuing membership cards. Any enquiries about Go and the Association can be received and dealt with, especially those of the kind: "Is there a club or another player in my area?".

The Membership Secretary also looks for possibilities for formation of new clubs and provide contact information to those wishing to do so. Labels are provided for the despatch of mailings to the membership and currently despatch is arranged of the British Go Journal.

Chris Kirkham
Online League Co-ordinator

Organises the BGA's online leagues.

Michael Kyle
Life Member

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered. Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

Harold Lee
Student Development

Suggests ways of and encourages development of the level of play of Go amongst students.

Joanne Leung
Universities Liaison

Helps new university clubs get underway and offers help to existing clubs.

Joanne Leung
Life Member

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered. Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

Matthew Macfadyen
Training Consultant

Provides the BGA with training advice and material that can be used to run seminars or courses.

Matthew Macfadyen

The President takes the chair at any official Association General Meeting or Council Meeting, and represents the Association at formal events and in the Association's relations with other organisations.

Toby Manning
British Go Congress Organiser Toby Manning
Mind Sports Council

Represents the Association on the Mind Sports Council (English Chess Federation and English Bridge Union plus ourselves)

Toby Manning
Sports and Recreation Alliance

Our representative to the Sports and Recreation Alliance (used to be called CCPR).

Toby Manning
Championships Organiser

Responsible for co-ordinating the organisation of the various UK titles: the British Go Championship and the Youth and Pair Go events. The duties are detailed in the Rules for the British Championships.

Matt Marsh
Tournament Equipment

Responsible for organising the loan of our tournament equipment. This usually travels in multiples of 12 (often with 15 clocks).

You will need to arrange for sufficient sets to be brought to your event. This may mean your having to collect equipment from the last event or elsewhere. If you wish to borrow our draw computer that can also be arranged.

Matt Marsh
Council Member

Co-opted member of Council.

Mohammed Amin
Governance Committee Member Mohammed Amin
Child Protection Adviser

As described in the policy on working with children and young people, the Child Protection Adviser provides advice to members involved in youth go activities.

Members should contact the CPA to discuss any situation of concern that may come to their notice.

Sue Paterson

An elected, but not Council position.

The Auditor examines the accounts produced by the Treasurer and produces a report recommending acceptance or rejection on behalf of the members for an AGM or EGM.

Tony Pitchford
British Go Journal Editor

The Journal Editor is responsible for the production of up to four editions of the Journal every year. Distribution is handled by the Membership Secretary.

The main tasks that need to be undertaken to produce it are the collation, selection and layout of the Journal contents in preparation for printing. This includes the production of game diagrams (also in a format for the website) and typesetting. Another task is liaising with the printers.

Maintaining and expanding the pool of contributors, and developing content through commissioning and discussions with contributors, is also of great importance.

Pat Ridley

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Francis Roads
Council Member

Elected member of Council.

Peter Rootham-Smith

The Treasurer controls the finances of the Association, preparing annual accounts and a report for approval by members at the AGM. The Treasurer also ensures that all bills and affiliations are promptly paid, and that Council committees are properly funded and submit regular and frequent reports.

Richard Wheeldon
Club Equipment loan

Responsible for managing the equipment, typically sets, that are available for loan to clubs.

Our current inventory, of which only some items are available for loan, can be seen here.

Neil Sandford
Governance Committee Member Neil Sandford
Newsletter Editor

Responsible for producing electronic Newsletters per year and inserts into the BGJ. The Newsletter contains recent news and tournament results and also contact information for forthcoming tournaments.

Jil Segerman
National Trainer

This is a job required as part of the European Go and Cultural Centre's training programme. He or she acts as an interface for teaching material produced between the EGCC and the BGA. He or she also should encourage training through a network of trainers and provide training courses and materials.

Andrew Simons
Online Youth Go Adviser

To encourage and support Go playing online.

Member of the Sub-Committee developing a Youth Go server in collaboration with the American Go Foundation.

Paul Smith
Pandanet Go European Team Championship - Team Captain

Captains our team in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

Responsible for arranging and submitting the UK team list at the beginning of the season (starts in September), liaising with the PGETC organisers, arranging the dates of matches with the opposing team captains and the UK players (from the team list).

Sandy Taylor
Council Member

Co-opted member of Council.

Stephen Tweedie

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Peter Wendes

The Secretary maintains the day-to-day communications of the Council and keeps minutes of all meetings, General and Council.

Colin Williams
Governance Committee Member Colin Williams