Council has created a number of Committees, with a Council member as chairman, and appoints members to each (known as Officials). Each Committee has Terms of Reference that can be seen by clicking on the Committee name. To see more about each person click their picture.

The smooth running of the British Go Association depends on the freely given time of all those listed, and others. Council would like to thank them all. Volunteers are always welcome - please consult the list of vacancies and contact the President to discuss the opportunities.

Contact the BGA.

Committee: Clubs and Membership
Role Person Job Description
Club Equipment loan Neil Sandford

Responsible for managing the equipment, typically sets, that are available for loan to clubs.

Our current inventory, of which only some items are available for loan, can be seen here.

Membership Secretary Chris Kirkham

Responsible for maintaining our membership database, sending out renewal reminders, processing membership applications and issuing membership cards. Any enquiries about Go and the Association can be received and dealt with, especially those of the kind: "Is there a club or another player in my area?".

The Membership Secretary also looks for possibilities for formation of new clubs and provide contact information to those wishing to do so. Labels are provided for the despatch of mailings to the membership and currently despatch is arranged of the British Go Journal.

Universities Liaison Joanne Leung

Helps new university clubs get underway and offers help to existing clubs.

Committee: External Relations
Role Person Job Description
Archivist Barry Chandler

The Archivist looks after our Archive which contains material relating to the history of the Association, including old minute books, and most English-language Go publications. The job includes maintaining an inventory of the contents of the archive. Please contact the Archivist before sending new items for inclusion in the archive.

Mind Sports Council Toby Manning

Represents the Association on the Mind Sports Council (English Chess Federation and English Bridge Union plus ourselves)

Sponsorship Jon Diamond

Solicits and encourages Sponsorship for the Association and its events.

Sports and Recreation Alliance Toby Manning

Our representative to the Sports and Recreation Alliance (used to be called CCPR).

Committee: Governance
Role Person Job Description
Governance Committee Member Gerry Gavigan
Governance Committee Member Pat Ridley
Governance Committee Member Toby Manning
Governance Committee Member Alice Ambrose-Thurman
Committee: Marketing and Publications
Role Person Job Description
British Go Journal Editor Pat Ridley

The Journal Editor is responsible for the production of up to four editions of the Journal every year. Distribution is handled by the Membership Secretary.

The main tasks that need to be undertaken to produce it are the collation, selection and layout of the Journal contents in preparation for printing. This includes the production of game diagrams (also in a format for the website) and typesetting. Another task is liaising with the printers.

Maintaining and expanding the pool of contributors, and developing content through commissioning and discussions with contributors, is also of great importance.

British Go Journal Editorial Consultant Barry Chandler

Advises and assists the editor of the Journal.

Marketing Vacant

The Marketing Manager is responsible for initiating, managing and monitoring of all marketing initiatives. These include

  • encouraging and helping with publicity for our own tournaments and other events
  • identifying and developing publicity for other target opportunities
  • participating in exhibitions and other kinds of external events
  • handling relations with other external UK organisations not directly covered by other officials, e.g. the Anglo-Japan Society
Newsletter Editor Jil Segerman

Responsible for producing electronic Newsletters per year and inserts into the BGJ. The Newsletter contains recent news and tournament results and also contact information for forthcoming tournaments.