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Joanne Leung
Role Job Description
Student Development

Suggests ways of and encourages development of the level of play of Go amongst students.

Universities Liaison

Helps new university clubs get underway and offers help to existing clubs.

Matthew Macfadyen
Role Job Description
Training Consultant

Provides the BGA with training advice and material that can be used to run seminars or courses.

Life Member

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered. Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

Toby Manning
Role Job Description
Mind Sports Council

Represents the Association on the Mind Sports Council (English Chess Federation and English Bridge Union plus ourselves)

Sports and Recreation Alliance

Our representative to the Sports and Recreation Alliance (used to be called CCPR).


The President takes the chair at any official Association General Meeting or Council Meeting, and represents the Association at formal events and in the Association's relations with other...

British Go Congress Organiser
Matt Marsh
Role Job Description
Tournament Equipment

Responsible for organising the loan of our tournament equipment. This usually travels in multiples of 12 (often with 15 clocks).

You will need to arrange for sufficient sets to be brought...

Championships Organiser

Responsible for co-ordinating the organisation of the various UK titles: the British Go Championship and the Youth and Pair Go events. The duties are detailed in the...