Resources for Developers

Web Contributor Guide (Members Only)

A detailed guide covering areas such as BGA editorial conventions and how to add or change web content. All contributors should read this, both for procedures to be followed and for the guide on BGA style. Different levels of access is granted to people who contribute to the web site, ranging from the simplest 'web-contributer' to 'site-administrator'.

You do not need to be an html expert in order to contribute to the site, since much of the maintenance work is simply correcting typographical errors or making minor editorial changes. However if any of your work does go beyond that, you will need to become more familiar with html. There is extensive material for learning html, and a good online starting point is w3schools. Another highly recommended resource is MDN web docs.

Website Management (Members Only)

This is effectively a manual for maintaining the BGA website. It covers the technical aspects of the Drupal site layout, and activities such as managing the frequent Drupal updates. It has a section on MYSQL which needs to explain how to access the database and provide general links on learning MYSQL as well as Drupal-specific features.

From the functional point of view it provides details of the various mailing lists we maintain, and covers the changes that need to be made following significant events. For example the appointment of new officers at the AGM or recording the most recent Dan promotion.

Resources for Programmers and Game File Users

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