Resources for Organisers

Information is provided to aid organisers managing tournaments and clubs. You will find here handbooks with sections on how to set up a tournament, do the draw, submit results for ratings, organise delivery of equipment, and running a Go club.

Tournament Handbook

The tournament organiser's handbook provides a details of the processes needed to run a well organised and enjoyable tournament. It includes the default tournament rules and rules of play as used by the BGA. We also have notes for tournament organisers who are considering a date for their event.

British Championship Procedures (Members only)

London Open Handbook (Members only)

Shortcut to our Tournament Levy Form

Tournament organisers can use this to pay the levy after their event.

Draw Programs

GoDraw is the draw pairing program used by the BGA for running McMahon, Swiss and Round Robin tournaments. The results can be easily exported to our web site and for ratings.

Digital Clock Use - Fischer Time

Digital Clock Use - Sudden Death

Above are two posters explaining to players how to use the digital clocks for different types of time limit.

Working with EGD

This section directs organisers to the main documents needed to manage ratings using the European Go Database (EGD).

Club Handbook

The club organiser's handbook provides a guide on starting a club, running club competitions and managing the teaching of Go in clubs.

If you need Promotional Material to publicise Go in your area contact us.

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