Resources for Players

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Computer Resources

We have summarised the ways in which computers can be used online and offline to provide information or special tools for go-related activities. This includes advice on playing against a computer program online or offline, and playing against a human over the internet. There is a page on computer-based study resources and a software catalogue.

Go Equipment

Find out about the different sorts of Go sets, boards and stones, that are available and where to buy them.

British Go Websites

We have collected links to various other British websites about Go, many of which are mantained by our members.

Go Websites in English

We have collected a variety of international sites covering many aspects of the game: discussion groups, wiki, problem sites, book reviews, history, teachers, to name but a few.

In the Dark?

We have collected a variety of short explanatory pieces (originally written as fill-ins for the British Go Journal) to help dispell confusion in various areas of the Go scene.

Japanese Go Terms

Japanese Go terem are commonly used in the UK because Go came to the West from Japan. Many of these have no good English equivalent so it is useful to be familiar with the common ones; they occur in books, problems and game commentaries.


Every UK player that plays in a rated tournament will appear on our Ratings List, the list being updated a few days after each event.

The Ratings and Grades FAQ explains how ratings are calculated, published and used, how ratings compare to grades, how to obtain your own rating if you have not got one and many other points besides.

British Go Journal

  • BGJ Online We have online all past issues of the British Go Journal. These are scanned copies up to issue 118 (Spring 2000) and PDF versions thereafter. Note that the latest four editions are only accessible to members.
  • BGJ Game Files
    We have a collection of SGF files of many of the games and some of the more diagram-intensive articles (mainly ones that can't really be understood without actually playing through the moves) that have appeared in the British Go Journal from issue 112 (Autumn 1998) onwards. Usually only the moves (not the comments) are included. From issue 140 on we have provided all the problem and solution diagrams, as well as the games and technical diagrams.
  • BGJ Index
    Up to issue 112 (Autumn 1998), individual items within the BGJ were indexed in a variety of ways to assist players to home in on any topic, player, tournament or author for example.
  • BGJ Backnumbers
    We have some printed copies available as backnumbers of many issues which can be made available for collectors or for outreach purposes and so on.
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