Book Review

Galactic Go: Volume 1

BGJ 121 Winter 2000

Reviewer: Alan Barry

ISBN 1-889554-47-2

Subtitled A Guide to 3-Stone Handicap Games, Galactic Go is the first volume of a projected 4-volume series on 3-stone handicap games.

Fuseki Small Encyclopedia

BGJ 121 Winter 2000

Reviewer: Andrew Grant

ISBN 1-889554-25-1

This is the second volume in the Nihon Ki-in’s Small Encyclopedia series, published by Yutopian.

Novel Plays and Shapes

BGJ 120 Autumn 2000

Reviewer: Matthew Macfadyen

ISBN 1-889554-52-9

The title of this book is not particularly informative, in fact it is a joseki book which says novel things about shapes in particular rather than in general.

The striking difference from any other joseki book in English is that

100 Tips

BGJ 144 Spring 2008

Reviewer: Tony Atkins

ISBN 978-89-90079-60-2

Volume 2 also available ISBN 978-89-90079-69-5

Some of you will have met Youngsun Yoon at events such as the European Go Congress. She is a Korean 5p and is now living in Germany having married Rasmus Buchmann 2d last year.

Winning Go

BGJ 154 Winter 2010

Reviewer: Glynn Forsythe

ISBN 978-4-8053-1072-4

Subtitled "successful moves from the opening to the endgame" by Richard Bozulich and Peter Shotwell.

Mastering Ladders

BGJ 151 Spring 2010

Reviewer: Pat Ridley

ISBN 1-932001-40-9

Mastering Ladders by Thomas Wolf is a slim volume, with 30 pages of theory and 72 problems.

Creative Life and Death

BGJ 149 Summer 2009

Reviewer: Matthew Crosby

ISBN 978-89-90079-83-1

In her preface to Creative Life and Death, Hye-yeon Cho hopes that we can 'learn many wisdoms and share our hearts through Baduk'.

Games of Go

BGJ 149 Autumn 2009

Reviewer: Pat Ridley

ISBN 978-0-9561562-1-1

It has 12 fully commented games ''...written by a kyu player for kyu players.'' The author, Neil Moffatt, a member of the Cardiff club, is 2 kyu KGS (6 kyu EGF) and his target readership is beginners to intermediate players, up to aroun

Magic on the First Line

BGJ 152 Summer 2010

Reviewer: Tony Atkins

by Nakayama Noriyuki

ISBN 1-932001-48-4

As I have mentioned previously I nowadays only buy books where I know the author. I first met Nakayama-sensei in 1985 at the European Go Congress in Terschelling, Netherlands.

The Go Companion

BGJ 148 Spring 2009

Reviewer: Tony Atkins

by John Fairbairn and T. Mark Hall

ISBN 1-932001-43-3

As I mentioned in previous reviews, I only buy books where I know the authors.