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2022 AGM Minutes 2022-06-08 Council News etc.
Gaoge Wang Wins Candidates' 2022-06-05 UK Tournament Report
First Sheffield University Tournament Held 2022-05-25 UK Tournament Report
UK Win but Get Demoted 2022-05-25 Foreign Tournament Report
AGM Meeting Details 2022-05-23 Council News etc.
BGJ 199 Now Available in Members' Area 2022-05-08 Announcement
Stephanie Yin 1p at Not the London Open 2022-05-05 UK Tournament Report
UK Lose to Germany 2022-05-04 Foreign Tournament Report
Candidates Tournament 2022 2022-04-28 UK Tournament Diary
2022 AGM - Agenda and Papers 2022-04-28 Council News etc.
British Open Held In Lancaster 2022-04-22 UK Tournament Report
UK Lose to Finland 2022-04-13 Foreign Tournament Report
Runyi Wu Wins Cheshire 2022-03-21 UK Tournament Report
Chinese Students Take Top Places at Cambridge Trigantius 2022-03-14 UK Tournament Report
BGA AGM 2022 2022-03-13 Announcement
UK Lose to Austria 2022-03-09 Foreign Tournament Report
EGF Suspends Russia 2022-03-03 Foreign News
UK Youth Team Win to End Third 2022-02-13 Junior Tournament Report
BGA Congress Details Available 2022-02-10 UK News
UK Lose to Italy 2022-02-09 Foreign Tournament Report
BGJ 198 Now Available in Members' Area 2022-02-03 Announcement
British Championship 2022 - Amended Qualification Rules 2022-01-31 Announcement
Eligibility Changes for British Championships and Representative Teams 2022-01-31 Announcement
Simplification and Reduction of Tournament Levy 2022-01-27 Announcement
Terry Stacey Grand Prix Update 2022-01-26 UK News