European Youth Go Team Championships

The UK has always entered a team in the annual online European Youth Go Team Championship, under Team Manager Alison Bexfield. Here are off-site links to pages and winners of each year since the first in 2014.


The first match of the new season will be on 12th November 2022 against Germany. 16 teams are taking part (omitting Russian and Belarus this time). A change is that the matches are not going to be on KGS but on OGS in the room Euro Youth Team.

The team is:

Scott Cobbold 3 Dan 2284 U20
Claire Chen 2 Dan 2156 U20
Daniel Chun Yang 2 Kyu 2062 U16
Gene Wong 1 Kyu 1961 U16
Lea Wong 3 Kyu 1846 U16
Cyrus Shek 2 Kyu 1844 U16
Isabella Zheyu Qiu 3 Kyu 1840 U16
Yanyi Xiong 6 Kyu 1505 U12
Andrew Volovich 6 Kyu 1450 U12
Samuel Wu 7 Kyu 1406 U12
Emily Gan 9 Kyu 1178 U12
Lukasz Kudla 8 Kyu 1102 U12

  • Saturday 12th November 2022 UK - Germany 0-5
  • Saturday 10th December 2022 UK - Hungary
  • Saturday 14th January 2023
  • Saturday 11th February 2023


Our team was picked and prepared for the first round on 13th November against France which they lost. They won the following rounds on 11th December and 15th January, and also won the last match on 12th February. This made the team third, behind France and winners Russia. Well done to the team!

The team was:

U20 Jacob Zhang 3d, Yuji Claire Chen 3d, Edmund Smith 2k
U16 Isabella Zheyu Qiu 2k, Scott Cobbold 1k, Sam Barnett 2k, Daniel Chun Yang 3k, Gene Wong 3k, Lea Wong 4k, Spike Shamoon 5k
U12 George Han 3k, Derek Duan 8k, Jin Cheng 9k, Andrew Volovich 10k, Lukasz Kudla 11k

  • Saturday 13th November 2021 UK - France 1-4 Report
  • Saturday 11th December 2021 UK - Hungary 4-1 Report
  • Saturday 15th January 2022 UK - Romania 3-2 Report
  • Saturday 12th February 2022 UK - Russia B 3-2 Report


The first match was on Saturday 14th November, against France; the second on 12th December, then 16th January and 13th February. It looked like the UK team would be among the strongest 5 or 6 teams in the competition this year, but our team ended up second! Well done to them!

  • Saturday 14th November 2020 UK - France 3-2 Report
  • Saturday 12th December 2020 UK - Romania 2-3 Report
  • Saturday 17th January 2021 UK - Turkey 5-0 Report
  • Saturday 13th February 2021 UK - Ukraine 4-1 Report

The team was:

U20 players Jacob Zhang 3dan, Jayden Yui-Him Ng 1dan

U16 players Sam Barnett 2k, Edmund Smith 3k, Scott Cobbold 3k

U12 players Daniel Chun Yang 1d, Ryan Zhang 2k, George Han 3k, Lea Wong 5k, Yanyi Xiong 9k, Alexander Timperi 10k.


The matches were scheduled for Saturdays 16th November, 14th December, 8th January, 15th February and - if a fifth round were to be played - 14th March. The first match was against the top team, Russia A.

  • Saturday 16th November 2019 UK - Russia A 0-5 Report
  • Saturday 14th December 2019 UK - Netherlands 5-0 Report
  • Saturday 18th/Sunday 19th January 2020 UK - Romania 2-3 Report
  • Saturday 15th February 2020 UK - Czechia 2-3 Report
  • Final place: 9th country (10th team) out of 15 (16).

The full team was:

U20 Yueran Wang 3d, Tom Bradbury 2k (British Youth champion 2018)

U16 Bill Shen 1d, Edmund Smith 3k, Scott Cobbold 6k, Alexander Hsieh 7k, Caleb Monk 11k, Amy Upton 12k (current top UK girl)

U12 Daniel Yang 1d, George Han 3k, Ryan Zhang 13k, Alexander Timperi 15k, Yanyi Xiong 15k, Zoe Walters 17k, Emily Oliviere 18k


  • Saturday 24th November 2018 UK - Croatia 3-2 Report
  • Saturday 15th December 2018 UK - Germany 1-4 Report
  • Saturday 12th January 2019 UK - Hungary 4-1 Report
  • Saturday 16th February 2019 UK - Czechia 2-3 Report
  • Final place: 7/12


  • U20 players: Yueran Wang 2 dan, Tom Bradbury 3 kyu.
  • U16 players: Edmund Smith 3 kyu, Josh Gorman 4 kyu, Oscar Selby 5 kyu, Alexander Hsieh 9 kyu.
  • U12 players: Daniel Yang 1 dan, George Han 3 kyu, Jianzhou Mei 15 kyu, Zoe Walters 17 kyu, Yanyi Xiong 17 kyu, Emily Oliviere 20 kyu.
  • Additionally, Bill Shen - 1-dan - is an associate member of the squad. (U16 age group).


  • Saturday 11th November 2017 UK - Germany 1-4 Report
  • Saturday 25th November 2017 UK - Czechia 3-2 Report
  • Saturday 27th January 2018 UK - Romania 0-5 Report
  • Saturday 10th February 2018 UK - Hungary 2-3 Report
  • Final place: 10/12


U20:Zaki Betesh (4k), Tom Bradbury (5k), Charlotte Bexfield (6k)
U16:Yueran Wang (3d), Oscar Selby (5k), Edmund Smith (5k), Josh Gorman (5k), Jack Nolan (12k), Wenzhou Mei (12k), Aidan Wong (12k)
U12:George Han (3k), Alexander Hsieh (9k), Jianzhou Mei (15k), Zoe Walters (18k)


  • Saturday 3rd December 2016 UK - Serbia 2-3 Report
  • Saturday 7th January 2017 UK - Italy/Switzerland/Austria 4-1 Report
  • Saturday 28th January 2017 France – UK 2-3 Report
  • Final place: 4/8


Kapriel Chiarini vardiello 2k 1730 U20
Charlotte Bexfield ibex 5k 1135 U20
Alex Terry zeldor 6k 1197 U20
Roella Smith alleor 7k 1190 U20
Yueran Wang jrstone 2d U16
Zaki Betesh LiEr 5k 736 U16
Oscar Selby oscar1099 6k 1498 U16
Josh Gorman Bigfoot 6k U16
Alexander Hsieh choccookie 16k 508 U12
Jianzhou Mei jianzhou 20k 100 U12
Edmund Smith fishy05 8k 1293 U12
George Han GEORGE 5k U12


  • Saturday 7th November 2015 UK vs. Poland 3-2 Report
  • Saturday 28th November 2015 UK vs Czechia 2-3 Report
  • Saturday 12th December 2015 Croatia, Serbia & Slovenia vs UK 3-1 Report
  • Saturday 16th January 2016 Italy, Switzerland & Austria vs UK 1-4 Report
  • Final position: 6/12


Laurence Turner blade 2k 1916 U20
Kapriel Chiarini vardiello 4k 1730 U20
Elom Willson elom 4k 1652 U20
Oscar Selby oscar1099 6k 1498 U16
Alex Terry zeldor 9k 1197 U16
Dylan Zhu Dong chocolatte 9k 1180 U16
Charlotte Bexfield ibex 10k 1135 U16
Hasan Nisar hasan12 10k 1111 U16
Edmund Smith dnumde 8k 1293 U12
Aidan Wong Aidan2004 11k 979 U12
Wenzhou Mei wenzhou 16k 523 U12
Alexander Hsiehchoccookie 16k 508 U12
David Rosental littled 20k127 U12


  • Saturday 15th November 2014 Romania vs. United Kingdom 4-1
  • Saturday 29th November 2014 United Kingdom vs. Italy 4-1
  • Saturday 13th December 2014 United Kingdom vs. Israel 1-4
  • Saturday 17th January 2015 Czechia vs. United Kingdom 3-2
  • Final position: 10/13 Report


Oscar Selby oscar1099 6k 1447 U12
Melchior Chui DrBird 9k 1148 U20
Hasan Nisar Hasan12 9k 1111 U16
Dylan Zhu chocolatte 9k 1195 U16
Thomas Meehan TomMeehan 11k 959 U20
Charlotte Bexfield Ibex 11k 628 U16
Edmund Smith dnumde 11k 840 U12
Roella Smith alleor 12k 932 U16
Alex Terry 12k 269 U16
Kelda Smith 17k 402 U16
Anthony Ghica Rider2k14 19k 285 U12
Hilary Bexfield hbex 25k 122 U12
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