UK Results: 2004

London Open 28/12/04-31/12/04

134 players attended the first day of the 31st London Open, held again at ISH, Great Portland Street. Again it is being run by Geoff Kaniuk and the others from CLGC. The only problem on day 1 being the Internet was down so no live broadcast could be made on IGS-PandaNet. The main tournament was again a major in the Toyota-Pandanet European Go Tour.


Day Two

Pei Zhao, the young Chinese lady from Germany, took the lead beating Chinese boy Li Shen and Britain's Tony Goddard. Tony, a former 5 dan from Sheffield, previously beat Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany) in round 3. French teenagers Antoine Fenech and Thomas Hubert complete the group on 3 wins.

In the evening an 8-player Pair Go event was won by Finland's Suvi Leppanen (3 kyu) and Teemu Rovio (1 dan) with 4/4. On 3/4 were Germany's Pei Zhao (6 dan) and Olivier Marteaux (1 kyu), London's Nuo Jia (2 dan) and Hao Wang (1 dan), and Edwina Lee (4 kyu) and "Erik".

Day Three

Day three started with big clash between the German 6 dans: Pei Zhao and Christoph Gerlach. Pei won this and then beat France's Antoine Fenech (4 dan) in the afternoon. She is now on 6/6, two points ahead of the rest. UK's Tony Goddard lost to Fenech in the morning but beat Li Shen in the afternoon. So on 4/6 were Gerlach, Goddard, Shen, Fenech, Nechanicky and Hubert. Jun Tarumi (3 dan) is on 4/4. Stephan Kunne (13 kyu France) and Ken Dackombe (22 kyu UK) were still unbeaten.

During the evening was the Lightning Tournament. 54 players started in groups, winners going forwards to a knockout. Reaching the semi-finals were George Leach (5 kyu UK) and Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia), but the finalists were Hichem Aktouche (7 kyu France) and Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany). It was the 6 dan who won.

Day Four

Pei Zhao won her seventh game as expected putting her safe on 7 wins. Jun Tarumi (3 dan Germany) won his fifth in a row as he missed day two due to illness. This earnt him the honour of playing Pei in the last round. The Czech 6 dan Radek Nechanicky beat Tony Goddard in the morning and got young Li Shen in the afternoon. Radek won this by 2.5 points. Li had beaten Christoph Gerlach in the morning, who won his afternoon game. As it turned out Pei lost to Jun, but because of his missed games he could not earn one of the prize places. So the order was:

1. Pei Zhao          6 dan Germany 7/8
2. Radek Nechaicky   6 dan Czechia 6/8
3. Christoph Gerlach 6 dan Germany 5/8
4. Tony Goddard      5 dan UK      5/8
5= Li Shen           5 dan UK      5/8
5= Antoine Fenech    4 dan France  5/8
   Jun Tarumi        3 dan Germany 6/6
Winning 7/8 were George Leach (5 kyu UK), Jan Behrens (6 kyu Germany), Stephan Kunne (13 kyu France) and Ken Dackombe (22 kyu UK). Topping the list of 6/8 players was Nuo Jia (2 dan UK). All on 6 got plaques and all on 5 a certificate.

Winning the Continuous 9x9 was Hichem Aktouche (7 kyu France) with 28/28 reported at the prize giving (but actually not as amazing), with Arnaud Knippel (2 dan France) getting an honorable mention.

3rd Scottish Barlow 11/12/04

30 players gathered at the UCW club in Edinburgh, nearly double last year's entry. This included a contingent of 8 from Durham, all in matching T-shirts. Best of the three shodans and recipient of the whisky was Gordon Guo (1 dan Edinburgh) with 4/4. Second was Jens Andersch (1 dan Newcastle) on 3/4. Nine other players scored 3/4, the prizes going to those who travelled from Durham: Jim Cook (2 kyu Edinburgh), Chris Morris (5 kyu Durham), Edwin Brady (5 kyu Durham), Rich Philp (5 kyu Dundee), Jenny Radcliffe (10 kyu Durham), Colin Doherty (12 kyu Dundee), Jennifer Gray (12 kyu Durham), Quinton Connell (14 kyu Glasgow) and Kian Mehrabi (18 kyu Edinburgh). It was decided that Scottish championship semifinals will be Allan Crossman v Rich Philp and Donald Macleod v Jim Cook.

West Surrey Handicap 05/12/04

30 players took part. Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester) was the winner, beating Jil Segerman (8 kyu Brighton) in the final. Ken Dackombe (22 kyu Bromley) beat his elder sister Kay Dackombe (18 kyu Bromley) to also win 4 games. Their father Brian Dackombe (2 kyu Bromley) also won 3/4, as did Greg Bakker (12 kyu West Surrey), Nick Fry (15 kyu Twickenham), Richard Scholefield (13 kyu Milton Keynes), Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester) and Brian Brunswick (1 dan Epsom). Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading) won a prize for the third year running in the 13x13 with 3/6, in which the most wins prize went to Roger Daniel (3 kyu London) with 9/16, and best percentage was Pauline Bailey (17 kyu West Surrey) with 71. Paul Blockley used his schoolboy knowledge to win the flags of nations quiz. On the previous day some 24 students were taught various subjects by teachers Brian Brunswick, Paul Barnard, Tony Atkins, Matthew Cocke and Natasha Regan. Organiser Steve Bailey was the best at pits card game.

Three Peaks 13/11/04-14/11/04

Tony Goddard (4 dan Sheffield) made a welcome return to tournament Go and won the Three Peaks for the first time. The tournament was held as usual in the Marton Arms in the beautiful North Yorkshire country. 51 players took part and youngsters William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge) and Jonathan Englefield (9 kyu High Wycombe) were among those who won 4/5. Others winning 4 were: David Horan (12 kyu Chester), John Herman (5 kyu Manchester), Roger Murby (4 kyu Cambridge), Baron Allday (1 dan West Wales) and runner up David Ward (4 dan Cambridge).

British Small Board 07/11/04

The Cambridge Junior Chess and Go Club were again the hosts of this event at the Meadows Community Centre, Cambridge. 23 entered the main event and David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) was winner of the national title on 13x13 boards. Second and best Junior was William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge) and third was Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes). Players with prizes for 5/7 (including handicap games) were Matthew Woodcraft (1 dan Cambridge) and Alistair Turnbull (13 kyu Cambridge). The afternoon ended with a charity doubles event for Children in Need. Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell) and Matthew Harris (22 kyu Cambridge), and Matthew Reid (1 kyu Cambridge) and Simon Matcham (beginner Witchford) won both games. There was also a Chess problems competition and a beginners 9x9 event won by Daniel Simons from Witchford.

35th Wessex Tournament 31/10/04

82 players took part in the 35th Wessex held as always in the Marlborough Town Hall. There was no 13x13 tournament as it had become unpopular, but Oxford won the team prize. Winner was Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead) who had been trying to win for more than 30 years. Winners of the trophies for the other divisions (some by tie-break) were: 2 Niall Cardin (2 dan Oxford), 3 David M King (1 kyu Swindon), 4 Jackie Chai (3 kyu Bournemouth), 5 Chris Poerschke (4 kyu Bath), 6 Bill Streeten (5 kyu Wanstead), 7 Thomas Brand (7 kyu Brighton), 8 James Birkett (10 kyu Bristol), 9 Eleanor Thomas (11 kyu Bath), 10 Dave Siegwart (15 kyu Winchester). Of these Francis and James were the only ones winning 4/4.

Fuseki Follow-On 17/10/04

The second Fuseki Follow-On was held in Guildford. More of a training session than a tournament, players had to complete a game of Shusaku starting from move 30, playing twice as black and twice as white. 12 players from 1 dan to 18 kyu took part and those winning 3 games got prizes: Jim Sadler (1 dan Brighton), Brian Brunswick (1 dan Epsom), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester) and Anna Griffiths (6 kyu Epsom).

London International Teams 16/10/04

The Autumn team event was held at the ISH, home of the Central London Go Club. The Nippon Club were the team to beat this time and won the trophy by winning 16 games out of 24, beating three teams and drawing with the fourth. Cambridge were second with 14 wins out of 24. Third were the Globetrotters with 11/22, fourth were Wanstead with 10/24 and CLGC were fifth with 7/22. Players winning 4/4 were Ishikawa and Kikusui from the Nippon Club, Alex Rix from CLGC, Young Kim from Globetrotters and William Brooks from Cambridge.

Wanstead 09/10/04

72 players attended Wanstead. Winner was again Young Kim (5 dan Central London). Also winning 4/4 were Paul Maidowski (1 kyu Cambridge), Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey) and Simon Mader (5 kyu Cambridge). The following won for 3/4: Alex Webb (19 kyu Oxford), Pauline Bailey (16 kyu West Surrey), Rasa Norinkeviciute (12 kyu Eastbourne), Nicola Hurden (9 kyu Bracknell), Xinyi Lu (9kyu Maidenhead), Andy Marden (8 kyu), Mark Todkill (6 kyu North London), Patrick Donovan (6 kyu Eastbourne), Tuong Nguyen (5 kyu CLGC), Chris Goldsmith (5 kyu Cambridge), Philippe Bourrez (4 kyu West Surrey), Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester), Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell), Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead) and Joonghoon Jo (3 dan).

Milton Keynes 19/09/04

48 players attended the Open University for the 16th Milton Keynes Tournament. Unbeaten winner was Alex Rix (4 dan CLGC). Also on 3/3 were Matthew Reid (1 kyu Cambridge), Greg Pallis (8 kyu Oxford) and Stuart Patterson (16 kyu Leamington). The Team Prize was jointly won by the Oxford and Leamington teams, both winning 2/3 of their games. The Milton Keynes Go Board event was won by William Brooks with 8.5/9 and second was Jonathan Englefield with 6.5/8.

Cornwall Tournaments 04/09/04 - 05/09/04

13 players took part in the Cornish Handicap Tournament on the Saturday in Penzance. Winner of the Go Bowls trophy on 5/5 was young Jonathan Englefield (9 kyu High Wycombe). He beat Elinor Brooks (6 kyu Swindon) in the final. 18 players took part in the Cornwall Tournament on the Sunday. Winner of the Devon Go Stone for the first time was Toby Manning (3 dan) from Leicester who beat Bracknell player Ian Marsh (1 dan) in the final. The players who each won a wooden stone for 3/3 were Mark Todkill (6 kyu North London) and Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester).

Northern 28/08/04-29/08/04

20 players attended the Northern at Renold Building, UMIST, in Manchester. It was held as part of the MSO. Gold medal winner was Carl-Johan Ragnarsson, a 3 dan from Lund in Sweden, who was unbeaten. Second was local Manchester player Erik Yangran Zhang (3 dan) on 5/6 and third was Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes) on 4/6. Ian Davis (4 kyu Belfast) put in a noteworthy 4/6 result and John Nicholas (7 kyu Manchester) won a very creditable 5/6.

Mind Sports Olympiad 21/08/04-30/08/04

Held at the Renold Building at UMIST in Manchester the 8th MSO had Go events over four days of the last weekend. The main event of the weekend was the Northern. Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) won games 2 and 3 of the British Championship during the same weekend against David Ward. The day before the Northern had the 13x13 followed by the Lightning. The Bank Holiday Monday had the Rapid to finish the weekend. Top player was Carl-Johan Ragnarsson from Sweden who took home two golds and a silver.
Rapidplay on 30/08/04 was won by Xiaoming Xie (3 dan Manchester) on tie break from Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes), both on 4/5. Taking bronze was Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Manchester) on tie-break from Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell) on 3/5. 8 players took part.
Lightning on evening of 27/08/04 was won as last year by Piers Shepperson (5 dan Slough) with 6/6. Second was Carl-Johan Ragnarsson (3 dan Sweden) on 5/6. Third on 4/6 was Paco Garcia de la Banda (4 dan Spain). 12 players took part.
The 10-player 13x13 was won by Carl-Johan Ragnarsson (3 dan Sweden) with 6/6. Silver went to Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes) with 5/6. Bronze went to Ian Davis (4 kyu Belfast) who won 3/6 and stayed in the even group longest before elimination to the handicap group.

Isle of Man Go Week 15/08/04-19/08/04

More than 45 Go players and family attended the 7th Isle of Man Go Week at the Cherry Orchard in Port Erin, and enjoyed a fun week of Go, seaside, sunshine and friendship. First in the 43-player Championship event was the defending champion, Piers Shepperson (5 dan Slough) with 5/5. Second was Matthew Cocke (5 dan Norwich) and third Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead), both on 4/5. Also on 4/5 were David M. King (1 kyu Swindon) who was fourth, and two 5 kyus, Bill Streeten (Wanstead) and Tom Blockley (Worcester). Jonathan Englefield (9 kyu Bracknell) won 3.5.
In the 30 player Afternoon Tournament the winner was Tony Atkins (3 dan Bracknell) on SOS tie-break from Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead), both on 2.5/3. The only player on 3/3 was Andy Price (11 kyu Leamington).
In the 27 player Handicap event, Bill Streeten (5 kyu Wanstead) won on tie-break from Paul Barnard (1 dan Swindon), both on 5/6. Doubles winners were mother and son, Pauline and Steve Bailey (West Surrey). Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes) beat organiser Steve Jones (1 dan Man) to win the 24 player 13x13 event. William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge) held on to the lightning title, by beating Jil Segerman (7 kyu Brighton) in the final between the top two players of the continuous stage.

Epsom Tournament 07/08/04

The third Epsom Tournament attracted a cool 44 players, cool because the air conditioning was fixed and there was a large supply of bottled water. Winner was young Li Shen (5 dan CLGC). All players on two and three wins got prizes thanks to sponsor Forbidden Technologies. Those with three were: Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Armin Boonstra (1 dan Netherlands), Sue Paterson (2 kyu Brighton) and Mark Todkill (7 kyu North London). Best team was the Brighton Belles. Local player Brian Brunswick (1 dan) won the 9x9 and Tim Hunt got a prize for most games. Jeremy Hawdon won the 13x13.

BGA KGS Tournament 01/06/04-31/07/04

After two months of play, the BGA KGS Tournament came to end with Stuart Barthropp (2 dan) as the deserved winner, reclaiming the lead in a last hour clash with Paul Taylor. William Brooks worked hard to win the tournament loyalty prize, clocking up a massive sixty games over the two months. The tournament attracted a respectable 47 participants and hopes to improve on that next year.The Category winners were as follows:

  • Dans: Paul Taylor
  • 1 to 10 kyu: Matt Piatkus
  • Under 10kyu: Henry McGuinness.
The Roshambo Nigiri side tournament was dominated and won by Alan Cameron.

Letchworth Tournament 24/07/04

Again 39 players attended the third tournament at Letchworth Garden City, with the same venue of the 1907 Meeting House. Winner was Andrew Jones (3 dan Wanstead). He beat Young Kim (5 dan London) in the last round. The only other player with 3 wins was Matthew Reid (1 kyu Cambridge). Nicola Hurden got a prize for being the top DDK (11 kyu Bracknell). William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge) won the continuous 9x9 with runner up Phil Beck (1 dan Cambridge).

UK GO Challenge Finals 10/07/04-11/07/04

The best players from 23 school heats met for the finals of the first Challenge in Manchester. Section winners were:
U16 Boys - William Brooks (The Perse School, Cambridge), U14 Boys - Matthew Hathrell (Finham Park School, Coventry), U12 Boys - Costas Televantos (Aston), U10 Boys - Duncan Bell (Balgowan Primary School), Girls - Hetty Boardman-Weston (Loughborough).
Other prize winners: Rajinder Poonian (7 wins), Jamie Wall (6 wins), James Hoyle (6 wins), Raminder Poonian (6 wins).
Overall top place medal winners: Gold - William Brooks, Silver - Hetty Boardman-Weston, Bronze - Matthew Hathrell.
Champion School - Loughborough; Champion Primary School - Balgowan Primary School, Beckenham.

Scottish Open 10/07/04-11/07/04

The Scottish Open was again held at Pollock Halls at the Edinburgh University and 17 players took part. Winner as last year and for the fourth time was Wanstead's Francis Roads (4 dan) with 5/6. Second was Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth). 15-year old Vojta Kovarik (10 kyu Prague) won 6/6 and three players recorded 4/6: Donald Spy (14 kyu Dundee), Phil Blamire (5 kyu Edinburgh) and Allan Crossman (3 kyu Edinburgh).

Welsh Open 26/06/04-27/06/04

The 12th Welsh Open at Barmouth was won as always by Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) putting him on 58 wins unbeaten at that event. Richard Hunter (4 dan Tokyo) and Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead) were equal second with 3/5. Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester) scored 4.5 and Roger Peck (4 kyu Milton Keynes) scored 4, to win a prize each. 32 players took part and enjoyed the seaside air and entertainment.

Leicester Tournament 19/06/04

40 players entered, a good number of local East Midlands players in their midst. In the main tournament Zixin Wu (4 dan) from Nottingham club was the tournament winner with 3/3, beating Francis Roads in the final round. Winning prizes for 3/3 were Thomas Hawley (10 kyu Nottingham), Hetty Boardman-Weston (14 kyu Loughborough), Johannes Kling (15 kyu Nottingham) and Wilson Hao (23 kyu Loughborough). Loughborough School in fact were the best team and won the team prize. In the continuous 13x13 the prizes went to youngsters William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge) for the most games won and James Hoyle (27 kyu Loughborough) for most games played.

British Pair Go Championships 23/05/04

Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen retained the Pair Go Championship for a fourth year. This year at Foxcombe Lodge Hotel, Boars Hill near Oxford, they beat Natasha Regan and Matthew Cocke in the final. Third were Sue Paterson and Jim Sadler, Jackie Chai and Francis Roads. Helen and Martin Harvey got the fighting spirit prize. In the 5-pair handicap group the Guildford mother and son, Pauline and Steve Bailey, were runaway winners with 4/4. Best dressed pair were judged by a member of public as Natasha and Matthew. Geography quiz winners were Anna Griffiths and Tony Atkins; Pair Go photo year quiz winners were Elinor Brooks and Erik Hall. Photos

Bracknell 09/05/04

Best of the 53 players was Jon Diamond (5 dan) who beat Piers Shepperson (5 dan) in the last round. Winners of 3 games were William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge), Matthew Selby (3 kyu Epsom) and Nicola Hurden (10 kyu Bracknell). William Brooks also won the 13x13. Jim Clare won the Go Problems competition and Tony Atkins won the caption competition.

Bar-Low, Cambridge, 02/05/04

30 kyu players (including a 1 dan ghost) played the Bar-Low which was part of the Cambridge MSO weekend. Winner was Jong Ug Kim (1 kyu Epsom) with 5/5. The ghost, Matthew Woodcraft (1 dan Cambridge), scored 4/5 as might be expected only losing to the winner. A large group of 9 players who started above the bar (6 kyu) won 3/5 to come third. Best junior player was Kay Dackombe (18 kyu Bromley) who won 3 games. Other popular games at the Olympiad weekend were Tantrix and of course Chess, but the were only 6 shogi players for the British Championship.

Challenger's League, Cambridge 30/04/04-03/05/04

The event was part of the Cambridge MSO weekend and played days 2 and 3 there, whilst days 1 and 4 were in Trinity College. This year the 8 players between 3 and 5 dan were quite evenly matched. Alex Rix won his first 5 games before losing to David Ward who was also doing well. Matthew Cocke lost early to Des Cann and later to Tim Hunt. In the last round Alex Rix lost to Matthew by half a point and David Ward won on time against Andrew Jones. So Matthew Cocke and David Ward had to play off for first place, selected ahead of Alex Rix on qualifying order (all on 5 wins). Piers Shepperson won 4, Alex Selby and Des Cann 3, Tim Hunt 2 and Andrew Jones 1. In an exciting play off David Ward won by half a point against Matthew Cocke, so becoming the new challenger to Matthew Macfadyen.

London International Match 25/04/04

4 teams of 6 players attended the Nippon Club in Piccadilly for the spring International Match. The Out of Town team, headed by David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) and Jim Clare (3 dan Reading) won the match, beating Wanstead, Central London and Oriental teams.

Durham Tournament 17/04/04-18/04/04

38 players attended the first Durham Go Tournament, which was held to celebrate 10 years of Durham Go Club. Appropriately, the club's founder Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) was the winner, with 6/6. Second was Gang Xiong (2 dan Durham) with 4/6. Also on four wins were Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Paul Taylor (1 dan Cambridge), Daniel Gilder (3 dan Manchester), William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge), Claas Roever (3 kyu Dublin), Chris Morris (6 kyu Durham), Celia Marshall (11 kyu Isle of Man), Russell Haswell (15 kyu Newcastle) and James Liu (21 kyu Durham). The 13x13 tournament was won by Peter Nuttall (19 kyu Durham) with 4 wins, on a tie break from William Brooks. The lightning tournament was won by Matthew Holton (2 dan Teesside) with 3 wins. Durham Go Club also took the opportunity to publicly express their gratitude for a bequest of Go equipment and books they received earlier this year after the sad death of Brian Wilson, a keen local Go player.

Thames Valley Team Tournament, Guildford 12/04/04

Six teams competed for the Broken Go Stone Trophy and a handmade chocolate egg by Annie Hall. Swindon's Christian Scarff (2 dan), Paul Barnard (1 dan) and Matthew Griffiths (11 kyu) won, aided by Paul and Matthew winning 3/3. Also on 3/3 were Alistair Wall (4 dan Royal Standard) and Jong Ug Kim (2 kyu Epsom). Bill Streeten and David Hall won the 10x10.

British Go Congress Milton Keynes 02/04/04-04/04/04

Tim Hunt, Andrew Grant, Roger Peck and Fred Holroyd ran the 37th British Go Congress in the very comfortable surroundings of the Holiday Inn at Milton Keynes. The weekend featured the British Lightning, British Open and the BGA AGM.

The British Lightning had 19 players. None of them managed to score 5/5. On 4/5 were Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey), Michael Charles (2 dan St Albans), Jonathan Chin (1 dan Cambridge) and David M King (1 kyu Swindon). David won the event on the CUSP tie-break.

The British Open had 67 players. T Mark Hall (4 dan London) won it for the second year running with five wins out of six. Second, topping a group with 4/6 on tie-break, was Dan Gilder (3 dan Manchester). On 5/6 was Frederic Smadja (13 kyu London). Martin Li (5 dan Borlange (Sweden)) and Fred Holroyd (4 kyu Milton Keynes) got 4/5. There were 14 people with 4/6 who all won Easter Eggs. They were: Andy Price (12 kyu Leamington), Jonathan Englefield (9 kyu Maidenhead), Anna Griffiths (7 kyu Epsom), Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester), Tom Widdicombe (2 kyu Devon), Helen Harvey (1 kyu Manchester), William Brooks (1 kyu Cambridge), Phil Beck (1 dan Cambridge), Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), Jonathan Chin (1 dan Cambridge), Michael Charles (2 dan St Albans), Ulf Olsson (4 dan Gothenburg (Sweden)) and Young Kim (5 dan London). Azan Aziz Marwah (10 kyu London) scored 3/3.

The Nippon Club Team Trophy was won by the Central London team of Piers Shepperson (5 dan), Mike Nash (1 kyu), Frederic Smadja (13 kyu), Mark Todkill (7 kyu) and Azan Aziz Marwah (10 kyu) by a narrow margin. They scored 16 wins out of 27 (59.26%). Second was Cambridge with 20 wins out of 34 (58.82%).

Leamington Tournament 21/03/04

31 players took part in the third four round rapid play event held at the Oddfellows in Leamington. Winner was Des Cann (4 dan Milton Keynes). Second and third with three wins were Paul Barnard (1 dan Swindon) and Nick Wedd (2 kyu Oxford). Both Nadeem Rahim (11 kyu) and Neil Dowse (16 kyu) won four wins for Aston School. Others on three wins were: Chris Kirkham (2 kyu Manchester), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester), Nicola Hurden (11 kyu Bracknell), Ewart Shaw (14 kyu Leamington) and Zac Tsai 14 kyu Birmingham). Between games games from the Candidates were analysed.

Candidates' Tournament 20/03/04-21/03/04

20 players from 2 kyu to 5 dan played in the Candidates' Tournament in Leamington Spa. Piers Shepperson, Alex Rix, Min Yang, Tim Hunt and John Hobson (by tie break from Andrew Jones and Alex Selby) qualified for the Challenger's League. They will join Matthew Cocke, Dave Ward and Des Cann in the Challenger's League an 8 player all-play all tournament to be held in early May. Subsequently it has been discovered that John Hobson and Min Yang are unable to take part and so Andrew Jones and Alex Selby are invited to play as reserves.

Cambridge Trigantius 29/02/04

87 players attended despite a snowy start to Leap Day. Last year's winner, Young Kim (5 dan London), lost in the last round to Li Shen (5 dan London). This won the 12 year old 100 pounds. The others winning all three were Jonathan Chin (1 dan Cambridge), Brian Brunswick (1 dan Epsom), Paul Taylor (best kyu player, 1 kyu Cambridge), Matthew Woodcraft (1 kyu Cambridge), Roger Peck (4 kyu Milton Keynes), Paul Russell (4 kyu Cambridge), Chris Goldsmith (6 kyu Cambridge), Tony Pitchford (7 kyu Cambridge), Garry Sturley (10 Kyu Cambridge) and Richard Scholefield (13 kyu Milton Keynes). Nobody played in the continuous 13x13, CB1A from Cambridge won the team prize. Paul Smith also ran a Novices' Tournament.

Oxford Tournament 14/02/04

70 players attended the Oxford Tournament at St. Edmund Hall. Winner was the Chinese player from Cardiff, Wenhao Li (5 dan). He beat two 5 dans, Young Kim and J.K. Shim, and then Alistair Wall in the last round. Players on 3/3 were Niall Cardin (1 dan Oxford), David M King (1 kyu Swindon), Elinor Brooks (6 kyu Swindon), and Richard Scholefield (14 kyu Milton Keynes). William Brooks (2 kyu Cambridge) won the 9x9 side event with 3/4. Prizes were sponsored by Hoyles Games Shop.

7th Cheshire 07/02/04

Held during the Crewe Chess Congress at Bentley Motors Works Restaurant, Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, 24 players attended. Winner of the open section was Andrew Morris (1 dan Lancaster); second was Baron Allday (1 dan West Wales). Winner of the handicap section was Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester) on 5/5. On 4/5 were Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey) and John Nicholas (8 kyu Manchester). Paul Blockley (13 kyu Worcester) was best youth player with 3/5. 10x10 winner was Richard Newman-Thomson (9 kyu Lancaster) with 6/6.

British Youth Go Championships 01/02/04 in Birmingham

A record 51 children attended this event at King Edward VI School, Aston. There were lots of locals, groups from Bloxham, Loughborough and others from around the country. Winners [runners up] were:

  • Overall William Brooks (2k Cambridge) [Chao Gao (7k Bloxham)]
  • Under 18 Chao Gao (7k Bloxham) [Chris Ellis (9k Aston)]
  • Under 16 William Brooks (2k Cambridge) [Jonathan Englefield (9k High Wycombe)]
  • Under 14 Paul Blockley (13k Worcester) [Ravinder Athwal (11k Aston)]
  • Under 12 Costas Televantos (26k Aston) [Matthew Harris (30k Cambridge)]
  • Under 10 Ken Dackombe (22k Bromley)
  • Under 8 Not Contested
The Castledine Trophy was won by Aston. Prizes were also awarded for handicap games to William Brooks (2k Cambridge), Jemma Hole (18k West Cornwall), Greg Yates (25k Aston), Chao Gao (7K Aston), Ken Dackombe (22k Bromley), Charlene Chen (35k Bloxham), Matthew Harris (30k Cambridge), Savio Fong (24k Loughborough), Derek Chan (35k Bloxham), Kay Dackombe (20k Bromley) and Wilson Hau (24K Loughborough). Top at puzzle solving was Antony Keen (30k High Wycombe). Some of the local lads won the Pool competition. In a demonstration game without komi, 12 years old Li Shen (5 dan) beat British Champion Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) by 3 points.

Varsity Match 01/02/04

In the 2004 varsity match Cambridge beat Oxford 11-5. This event was first held in 1967 according to the Cambridge Club page.

Maidenhead 17/01/04

86 players attended the HQ of HITACHI Europe Ltd for the 13th Maidenhead Tournament. Winner for second year running was Chinese boy Li Shen (5 dan London), aged 12, who forced Young Kim to take second. Winning 3/3 were Chris Dawson (1 dan Maidenhead), James Aspden (1 dan Oxford), Matt Piatkus (2 kyu Oxford), Xin Yi Lu (11 kyu Maidenhead) and Matt Griffiths (12 kyu Swindon). Mike Charles (2 dan St Albans) won 2.5. Thanks to generous sponsorship from HITACHI all on 2/3 got prizes too. Team winners were Oxford (75 percent) and 9x9 winner was William Brooks (2 kyu Cambridge) with 9/9 wins. A special prize went to young Matthew Knight who played 12 9x9 games during the day.

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